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McCarthy can’t shield Republicans from involvement in Trump’s uprising

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Despite Trump’s announcement on January 6 the seditious conspiracy was America’s worst attack.domestic terrorists since the Civil War, RePublicans are hellishly determined to protect people most of all.t responsible; and they have good News Block.

Domestic minorityder Kevin McCarthy is as guilty as Trump and his rebellious clique of coup attempt d’état in January 6… It’s right despite McCarthy crazy phone call, begGene Trump undo Capitol attack

First, McCarthy could have exposed Trump’s lie that his election was stolen long before hewith Trump to stop rebels from attackng Capitol – but of course he didn’t.

Now that the Republicans, as a whole, have blocked bipartisan Trump Inquiry Commissionfrom insurerBut that fell to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nank.y Pelosi to form an ad hoc committee to get some answers; Despite everyone already has all the answers they need to know who is responsible… So what does minority leader McCarthy do?? He threatens to punish any Republican who takes a position on A special committee claiming that this is a purely political act will definitely be a partydignity exercise.

Kevin McCarthy is not just a toolis antool that doesn’t make sense; if republicans are involved in At home study, it can not be tagged “Political” or “partisan”. But McCarthy doesn’t care partisanship.

Here is thingram: T.there was an agreement to create a “bipartisan” companymission that the Republicans opposed and shot in the senate… In fact, McCarthy set the task high-ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. John Katko of New York, to mediate the commission’s deal. with Homeland of Sekurithe chairman of the commission Benny Thompson (M.D.) INP fact, part of the deal included several Democratic concessions that McCarthy demanded. as well as agreed without objection

I know thatt does McCarthy do after reaching an agreement? It directly youndercuts Representative of Katko agreement; ostensibly to give other Republicans in the House of Representatives a cover-up vote bipartisan commission… Commissionthe zion that was not political or partisan, and the one that met each of McCarthy requirements

McCarthy is real part of the job and its motives for opponentscommission is an Purely and it was Pnot exclusively about covering up your caucus to vote against

McCarthy is probably familiar with Section 3 of Correction, and if not that is what every Republican should be afraid of when involved in a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the constitutional order of the United States. Section 3 states.

No person may be a Senator or Representative in Congress, an elector for President or Vice President, or hold any civil or military office in the United States or in any state that, having previously taken the oath of office, a member of Congress, or an officer of the United States, or a member of the state legislature, or an executive or judicial officer of any state who supports the United States Constitution, has participated in an uprising or revolt against them, or provided assistance or consolation to his enemies.

This means that a large number of Republicans in Congress face the real possibility of being disqualified from their jobs. in the office according to 14 of the Constitutionth Amendment. This is, of course, so because they all took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and then gaveand keep on giving, helping Trump’s uprising against the UNaccording to the state constitution.

Make no mistake, the ad hoc committee will to identify to the last traitorous Republican in Congress and the state legislature, who helped incite Trump’s henchmen to attack the Capitol’s only intent to overthrow The Constitution – and the lynching of then Vice President Mike Pence.

As a member of the Special Committee, Jamie Ruskin (M.D.) said:

Our task is to determine the events of January 6 and the reasons for these events.… If we want to define a role President of the U.S.A in these events, of course, we must be ready to look at the role of everyone else the relevant actors have played. We only need facts. “

The facts will show that the vast majority of Republicans in Congress did indeed participate in a seditious conspiracy assistance in organizing the rally “Stop Theft” as well as spend two months feEding Trump loyalists – a wave of lies designed to induce them to action; the action that led to the fatal uprising and attack on the Capitol with the aim of overthrowing the constitutional order. Their actions are a constitutional violation that every Republican who helped and consoled Trump should have and his rebellion kicked out of office and charged with seditious conspiracy.

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