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The name Brian Michael Firkus may not sound familiar. However, you may recognize him by his stage name, Trixie Mattel.

An artist-turned-drag queen, singer, and television personality, Firkus has created a character at Mattel that is memorable for her voluminous blonde hair, dramatic black and pastel eye makeup, outlandish outfits, and deliciously kitschy aura.

Mattel’s empire has continued to flourish and grow, extending to a YouTube channel and a cosmetics collection. He has sometimes collaborated with another drag queen, Katya Zamolodchikova. His camaraderie led to the publication of a New York Times best selling book, Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Femininity (2020).

David Silver has stood by Mattel’s rise to stardom as a boyfriend, stalwart ally, collaborator and rock to lean on. Here’s what we know about Trixie Mattel’s real-life love.

Who is David Plata?

David Silver is a film and television producer who was a production assistant for Batman Begins (2005) starring Christian Bale and Katie Holmes and The breaking (2006) with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston.

Silver was a producer of Kittie: spit in your eye (2000) with Fallon Bowman and executive producer of please baby please (2022), whose cast included Demi Moore and Andrea Riseborough.

Mattel and Silver have been dating since 2016

Sometimes the couple gives fans a glimpse into their lives with snapshots of their travels and activities on their Instagram accounts. Silver might even appear in one of Mattel’s YouTube videos from time to time to do a cameo.

In 2020, Mattel entrusted 48 hills what he feels about Silver. “I love my boyfriend. He is really my world and he comes on tour and stays on the bus with me.”

She also mentioned that she is “quite reserved” with him. “I don’t post a lot of photos, but I definitely write songs about him.”

They have collaborated on several creative projects together

Silver was the executive producer of Mattel’s 2019 Netflix documentary, Trixie Mattel: Moving Partswhich revealed some aspects of their relationship.

As The WOW report stated, Mattel summed up the gist of the film succinctly: “It’s a lot of what goes on in the other 23 hours in a day of being a drag queen.”

Mattel admits that he was a bit worried about working so closely with the man of his life. She said The WOW report“Originally, I don’t like working with anyone that I’m in a relationship with, but my manager at the time and David came to me separately and said, ‘You should make a movie about this part of your life because there’s a lot going on.'”

In the end, working with Silver turned out to be a great move. Mattel seemed very pleased with the result, although being watched at awkward or personal moments while filming wasn’t always easy for her.

“This is you in a taxi with me, in the shower with me, backstage with me. Everywhere. Not once did I ask them to leave the room or stop filming. You have the best and the worst. But there were really some moments where I’m seeing it, like, this is magical.”

In 2022, Mattel said the movie addict that she wanted with love Mobile parts be a great artistic triumph for Silver, rather than just a vehicle to make her and her brand even more famous. Silver was actually one of the first people to encourage Mattel to make a documentary about herself.

“Our relationship has been five years…of seeing all my dreams come true,” said Brian (Mattel), “…and this project is one of David’s dreams that I really want to see come true.”

Silver executive produced and played himself in trixie motel (2022), a Discovery+ reality show that showcased his and Mattel’s latest flashy venture: renovating Ruby Montana’s dilapidated Coral Sands Inn in Tony Palm Springs, California, imbuing it with outrageous Trixie Mattel-esque decor.

However, this project was not an old fixer. Silver and Mattel reportedly invested $2 million in the effort, according to entertainment weekly.

Thanks to Mattel, there were tons of over-the-top extravaganzas, a lot of wackiness, and the help of a bunch of famous people like Lisa Vanderpump and Iggy Azalea. Voila, the perfect place for a glamorous getaway!

Mix it all up and you have a reality TV feast co-produced by Jonathan and Drew Scott from property brothers renown.

Mattel explained to entertainment weekly how the project idea suddenly popped into her and Silver’s minds. “My partner and I were watching A very Brady makeover during COVID, and we had a joke about a ‘Trixie Motel’ due to the pun. So we said, what if in fact did?”

She added: “I am a drag queen. This motel is the ultimate stunt that no other drag queen or celebrity would try because she’s a psycho. It’s psychotic to do this,” Mattel joked..

Mattel clearly took pride in the entire effort from start to finish. It was probably even more special to her because she and Silver did it together. “We think of something brilliant, we chase it, and this will be the brightest thing ever.”

Trixie Mattel and David Silver are successfully sharing their lives and careers. With Silver’s support and creative input, Mattel has risen to new heights of fame, fortune and fantasy. We certainly want to see what this talented celeb couple dreams up next!

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