Meghan Markle apologized for the “misleading” court on Finding Freedom


Meghan Markle apologized to the High Court for “forgetting” that she asked a senior aide to speak to the authors of a biography about her.

A spokesperson for Meghan and your husband, Prince Harry, previously claimed that the couple had not contributed to Finding Freedom, written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

The Duchess of Sussex previously sued the Mail on Sunday publisher Associated Newspapers Limited for reproducing parts of a “private letter” he sent to his father Thomas Markle in 2019.

The Duchess apologized for “deceiving” the court (Credit:

Meghan Markle’s court case

Earlier this year, the court ruled in Meghan’s favor and said the letter’s publication was “illegal”.

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However, new evidence from Meghan and Harry’s former communications secretary Jason Knauf, can change the sentence.

He claims the Duchess was aware that her father could have shared the letter with the media.

Harry and Meghan previously claimed they didn’t contribute to the book (Credit:

Meanwhile, this week, the court heard that Mr. Knauf has been providing information to Mr. Scobie and Ms. Durand to find freedom.

In a statement from a witness, Mr. Knauf said the book was “discussed on a routine basis”.

He added that it was discussed “directly with the Duchess several times in person and by email”.

Mr. Knauf also stated that Meghan provided him with several information points to share with the authors.

One included was that he had “very minimal contact” with his half-siblings during his childhood.

Meghan Markle apologizes to court for
Mr. Knauf said Finding Freedom was “discussed on a routine basis” (Credit:

Meanwhile, emails were released as part of his statement showing that Mr. Knauf had emailed Harry to discuss the book and to say he would meet Scobie and Durand.

According to Mr Knauf, the Duke of Sussex replied: “I totally agree that we must be able to say that we have had nothing to do with this.

“Likewise, giving them the right context and background would help bring out some truths.”

Now, Meghan has released a testimony and apologized for “misleading” the court that Mr. Knauf provided information.

What did Meghan say?

The mother of two said, “I accept that Mr. Knauf provided some information to the authors for the book and made it to my knowledge for a meeting he had planned with the authors in his capacity as communications secretary.

“The extent of the information he shared is unknown to me.

“When I approved the switch… I didn’t have the benefit of seeing these emails and I apologize to the court for not remembering these exchanges at the time.

“I had absolutely no desire or intention to mislead the accused or the court.”

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Additionally, Meghan said she would be happy to refer to the exchanges with Mr. Knauf if she was aware of them at the time.

However, he added that they were “very far from the very detailed personal information that the defendant claims that I would have wanted or allowed to be made public.”

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