Megyn Kelly interviews Don Lemon’s sexual assault accuser (VIDEO)


CNN’s Don Lemon is facing a very credible sexual assault charge that took place in a New York bar a few years ago.

The alleged victim was recently interviewed by Megyn Kelly and provided some of the nasty details about the case.

Lemon apparently tried to settle out of court, but the victim turned him down.

The Washington Examiner relationships:

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Sexual assault accuser Don Lemon claims that the host will be protected because he is a gay and black celebrity

A man who accused CNN host Don Lemon of sexual assault detailed his allegations Monday.

Dustin Hice sued Lemon in 2019, saying the host assaulted him in a bar in the Hamptons, New York, a year earlier. Hice claimed that Lemon put his hand in his pants, touched himself, and then thrust his hand in Hice’s face.

“Anyone who does this in public with no fear of what they might do to someone or the consequences it might have, that’s a pattern,” Hice told Megyn Kelly on Monday.

Lemon denied the allegation.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Hice said. “He is protected by the fact that he is African American, [a] a gay man on television, and I’m nobody. “

Hice’s lawsuit detailed a 2018 meeting at a Sag Harbor bar.

Look below but be careful, the details are graphical. It’s big.

Don Lemon’s attorney is now looking for Megyn Kelly.

When that goes to trial, and it could, it could become very embarrassing for Don Lemon and CNN.

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