men sue, women are soldiers


Do females choose their battles wisely or does being a sook disgust them? Despite the obvious power dynamic, males aim only for the throat.

Gemma Carey (Image: Allen & Unwin)

Liberal MP Andrew Laming, former Attorney General Christian Porter and journalist Peter van Onselen have issued warnings of concern – the precursor to the libel action – against academician, writer and survivor Gemma Carey.

Carey posted a series of tweets after Porter was accused of rape, after Porter’s friend van Onselen wrote in his defense, and after Laming’s story of jokey misogyny and harassment of women online brought him. to keep his job. The tweets were absolutely on the nose. One expressed concern about the women in a photo next to the three men. One of the women is van Onselen’s wife, Ainslie. It was mostly in bad taste for the couple: van Onselen was never accused of sexual misconduct.

The tweets were soon removed. Carey issued three separate apologies after receiving the warnings.

Read on to find out how the dynamics of power unfold.

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