Mercedes-AMG SL Sports MBUX for intelligent performance


The MBUX AI cockpit has just added another “B” to its resume: beauty, brains and now muscles.

Mercedes-AMG, the performance subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, has taken off the wrappers SL of the new generation Thursday, bringing his long sporting legacy into the AI ​​era. The SL perfectly combines performance and luxury with the latest MBUX intelligent cockpit, powered by NVIDIA.

MBUX works with the high-performance and energy-efficient processing of NVIDIA GPUs for instant AI processing and crisp graphics. In the Mercedes-AMG SL, these industry-leading capabilities are tuned to its sporty character, adding elements such as “AMG Performance” or “AMG Track Pace” to the driver’s controls.

The expansion of the latest generation ultra-luxury MBUX, such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and daily comfort, as in class C, at the highest levels of driving performance show the versatility and vast potential of onboard AI.

A smart icon

The MBUX system of the SL takes the best comfort and luxury features of the S-Class and amplifies the volume on the driving controls.

Artificial intelligence cockpits orchestrate various in-cabin functionality on a single centralized computing platform, constantly learning to continually deliver joy to the customer. Likewise, the MBUX system acts as the vehicle’s central nervous system, intelligently networking all of its functions, leveraging the high performance of NVIDIA GPUs for brilliant graphics.

In contrast to its more passenger-focused cousins, the SL’s cabin is oriented towards the driver, right down to the adjustable center display with crystal clear graphics. It sports a 12.3-inch fully digital high-resolution instrument cluster integrated into a three-dimensional visor. And with MBUX, drivers have the freedom to customize the display style and driving modes.

Drivers can use MBUX using the ‘Hey Mercedes’ intelligent voice assistant, which can understand up to 28 languages.

Although the SL was created for those who love the open road, it incorporates intelligent driving features for moments that don’t seem recreational. Using cameras and radar sensors around the vehicle, the driver assistance systems observe the surroundings and, if necessary, can intervene quickly.

The driver can see how this system works using a display in the instrument cluster. The driver assistance system displays a real-time 3D view of the car, lanes, road markings and other road users such as cars, trucks and two-wheelers. The display also shows the status and operation of these functions. Dynamic, high-quality graphics make the driver assistance system transparent and easy to understand.

This clever design effortlessly blends with the roadster’s iconic analog controls for a timeless, future-hugging look.

“The SL was a great opportunity and a challenge for design because every designer wants to create icons,” said Gorden Wagener, chief design officer of the Daimler Group. “The result is a revolutionary internal experience sandwiched between digital and analog luxury. We have created the most iconic SL ever. “

Form meets function

The SL continues its decade-long legacy of performance with new features that add comfort and practicality.

The roadster recalls its predecessors with a soft top, while being suitable for everyday use as a 2 + 2 seater. This SL is also the first ever to be equipped with all-wheel drive for dynamic driving in all conditions.

The body of the SL is absolutely unique: no other Mercedes-AMG model nor previous roadsters share the same body components. The frame consists of a lightweight composite aluminum frame with a free-standing aluminum space frame. This innovative design is designed for precise driving dynamics, high comfort and a sporty exterior.

The first two SL variants to be launched will feature the 4.0-liter AMG twin-turbo V8 engine, followed by a high-performance hybrid. The eight-cylinder engine offers exceptional power and acceleration with maximum efficiency.

With the latest generation SL, the cutting edge of high-performance driving meets the latest innovation in artificial intelligence for a truly thrilling and intelligent experience.


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