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Gwendlyn Brown isn’t done throwing shade at her dad.

Christine and Kody Brown’s 21-year-old daughter, Gwendlyn, got married this month.

However, he told YouTube subscribers that Kody was TWO HOURS late for the event, and that he and his wife, Robyn, basically didn’t speak to anyone.

Sounds good for Kody, doesn’t it?

Gwendlyn Brown has said that she feels really bad for Meri because Kody treated her so badly. (TLC/YouTube)

Now, meanwhile, Gwendlyn has once again taken to her YouTube channel to express her sympathy for Meri Brown.

When asked by a follower how she felt about her father’s behavior towards Meri in recent years, Gwendlyn admitted she was “shocked.”

“Like, that’s your first wife, you know?” Gwendlyn said in this video.

“I feel like Meri in this whole situation, as between parents, is the biggest victim of all.”

Meri Brown shared this photo to celebrate July 4, 2023. (instagram)

He just argued that Meri was not only “raised in this lifestyle” of polygamy… but also married him, and at one point, she and Kody were very much in love with each other.

Remember: Kody and Meri got married in 1994 and apparently they were happy.

Until Kody met Robyn and fell in love with Robyn and later divorced Meri so he could marry Robyn in 2010 and legally adopt her children from a previous marriage.

Last year, news broke that Kody and Meri hadn’t slept together for a decade.

See that double-decker bus behind Meri Brown? She is in London. (instagram)

Gwendlyn continued on YouTube this week:

“She married this man and she was in love with him and he was in love with her.

“I’m pretty sure that for a moment there, like, for a long moment there, like most of the time before the show (or) maybe at the beginning of the show, she was also the favorite wife.

“And now they’re basically kicking her out onto the streets entirely.”

Meri Brown is in London in this photo, and she looks pretty happy about it, too. (instagram)

Meri, for her part, seems to be doing well.

She held on to a great deal of hope that things between her and Kody could change… but she’s been trying to adjust to single life in recent months.

Living my best and fullest life with intention and purpose. Laugh with friends and feel all the joy. Doing all the things I’m capable of and capable of”Meri wrote this month on Instagram.

Being present and being grateful for each life experience that has made me who I am..

Meri Brown looks great in this photo. Do you think the job was done? (instagram)

Addressing her fans, Gwendlyn said that she remains close with Meri. And that she will always have this Sister Wives cast member’s back.

“It just dismisses her too much for my liking,” he said of Kody and Meri, concluding on this topic as follows:

“Obviously she’s not perfect, sure, and she’s had her flaws, we all have, oh my gosh, so many, but in her situation, she definitely seems like the bigger victim.”


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