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One of the 2022 Seattle Mariners’ international free agent signings was Colombian infielder Michael Arroyo. He is a 5-foot-8 middle infielder who is still only 18 years old. Arroyo spent last season in the Dominican Summer League, where he played in 50 games and had just under 200 plate appearances. He would slash .314/.457/.484 with 16 extra-base hits, 4 of which were home runs.

He didn’t play in any official games this year until the Arizona Complex League started, and he wasn’t in the ACL for long. The young right infielder only played in four games at the Complex level before being promoted to Low-A Modesto. He’s already impressed, hitting two doubles and a triple in three games with the Nuts.

MLB Pipeline said: “Some in the organization believe Arroyo is the right-handed version of Cole Young.” If Arroyo can continue to hit at a high level, he could move up the prospect ranks. Although he is only a seven-game sampler so far, reaching full-season ball at 18 years old holds promise.

Modesto Nuts (A) – California League

4 Miguel Arroyo H.H .458/.536/.750, HR, 7.1% BB, 3.6% K
5 young cole H.H .274/.409/.434, 3 HR, 14.9% BB, 13.9% K
9 gabriel gonzalez OF .333/.392/.488, 4HR 7.2%BB, 15.2%K
18 miguel morales RHP 11 SG, 55.1 IP, 4.23 ERA, 24% K, 9.1% BB
28 Tyler Gough RHP 9 G, 8 GS, 28 IP, 6.11 ERA, 17.7% K, 11.3% BB
35 Milkar Perez 3B .260/.392/.344, 15.5% BB, 25.3% K
36 josh hood SS/3B .261/.339/.406, 4 HR, 10.7% BB, 21% K

Everett AquaSox (A+) — Northwest League

1 harry ford C. .252/.416/.422, 8 HR, 19.5% BB, 19.5% K
8 Axel Sanchez H.H .200/.300/.307, 2HR, 10%BB, 30%K
13 tyler locklear 3B .311/.419/.572, 11 HR, 12.4% BB, 22.1% K
25 Hogan Windish 2B .237/.359/.458, 6 HR, 12.7% BB, 31% K
29 alberto rodriguez OF .301/.385/.586, 10 HR, 9.5% BB, 23.3% K
38 walk cabrera OF .238/.298/.431, 7 HR, 8.3% BB, 32% K

Arkansas Travelers (AA) – Texas League

6 bryan woo RHP 9 SG, 44 IP, 2.05 ERA, 34.3% K, 7% BB
7 emerson hancock RHP 12 SG, 52.1 IP, 4.99 ERA, 27.6% K, 12.7% BB
12 Prelander Berroa RHP 15 G, 5 GS, 35 IP, 3.86 ERA, 35.9% K, 19.2% BB
14 Jonathan Class OF .262/.376/.569, 16 HR, 14.5% BB, 30.5% K
twenty-one Roberto Perez Jr. 1 B .260/.325/.457, 9 HR, 6.4% BB, 30.5% K
22 Isaiah Campbell RHP 17 G, 18 IP, 3.50 ERA, 25.7% K, 5.4% BB
26 john mercedes RHP 12 G, 11 GS, 57 IP, 5.05 ERA, 23.7% K, 7.4% BB
33 travis kuhn RHP 21 G, 24 IP, 3.00 ERA, 19% K, 12% BB
Four. Five spencer packard OF .249/.387/.408, 6 HR, 16% BB, 19.3% K

Tacoma Rainiers (AAA) – Pacific Coast League

fifteen taylor dollar RHP 3 SG, 8.1 IP, 7.56 ERA, 22.2 K%, 8.3% BB
19 John then RHP 10 G, 13.2 IP, 7.90 ERA, 23.5% K, 10.3% BB
twenty cade marlowe OF .224/.286/.383, 4 HR, 7.4% BB, 29.1% K
24 Zach DeLoach OF .300/.412/.436, 5 HR, 15.% BB, 28.1% K

Mariners Draft

The MLB draft is getting closer and the Mariners will have some very interesting picks to make with the 22nd, 29th and 30th overall picks. One thing we’ve seen the Mariners target in recent drafts is athletics. We saw Seattle take Harry Ford, a receiver known for his athleticism, as well as young shortstops Edwin Arroyo and Cole Young. If the Mariners want to go with another athletic shortstop, they could go with Nebraska shortstop Brice Matthews.

Matthews is a 6-foot, 190-pound shortstop who is a high-level athlete. He was a star quarterback in high school, and Joe Doyle of the Future Stars Series notes that, “Matthews offers a very athletic, edgy frame up the middle with elite footwork, the ability to move laterally, and of course , the strength of the arm to do the whole throw.” His athleticism allows him to make a lot of plays at shortstop and could keep him in the middle going forward.

The Houston native isn’t an elite offensive prospect, but according to Doyle, his “bat speed stands out instantly with strong hands and bat control that allows him to utilize the entire field. Advanced composition, elite strength and elite defensive actions give Matthews a solid ceiling, but he’s going to have to slow down his swing and miss his game if he wants to survive in professional baseball.” Doyle ranks Matthews as his 30th best prospect right now due to helium from him recently.

Mariners prospects in the news

MLB Pipeline highlighted a 2022 draft pick from each organization that has been impressive this season, including a Mariners first baseman.

Baseball America came out with a new ranking of Top 30 Mariners prospects.

MLB.com’s Daniel Kramer illuminated a reliever’s long road to the big leagues with Seattle.

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