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Michael B. Jordan saves the world, but not the movie

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The form fails the formula in the new action movie Tom Clancy’s no regrets (Amazon Prime, April 30), which hashtags its considerable pedigree. As the title indicates, the film is based on a CIA best-selling legend novel, specifically a 1993 volume that offers a brutal origin story for a character known from previous Clancy adventures. It’s been a while since a Clancyverse movie made its way into the world, so perhaps it was time to return to its style of geopolitical maneuvering and one-man power.

A new era would need a new Clancy hero, away from the (supposed) ruined competition of Jack Ryan, who is currently portrayed, on a hit Amazon series, by John krasinski. Someone more murky was needed for a great, chilling action movie, so enter John Kelly, the SEAL turned rogue agent who is quicker to violence than the golden boy Ryan and is loaded with the pathos of tragic motivation. Who better to bring that iron determination to paper than Michael B. Jordan, a star of this era who won hearts and minds as the apparent villain of Black Panther after emotionally rich returns Fruitvale Station other Creed.

To run things, Amazon took advantage of Stefano sollima, who has directed episodes of the harsh southern Italian crime drama Gomorrah, and directed the “let’s go straight to the kill” Hitman continuation, Soldier’s day. He has pizazz, an eye for squashing down-to-earth violence, and a European sensibility that should fit the globetrotter in a Clancy tale. All the pieces were very well arranged.

So what happened? Well, No regrets It could be so bad because the movie has strayed so much from the plot of the book. Avoid revenge against drug dealers and sex traffickers and instead lazily plot a shadowy campaign to start World War III. The script, by Will staples and Oscar-nominated criminal Taylor sheridan, is a confusion of ruffian cliches and conspiracy theory. The murder of John Kelly’s wife, which triggers the whole grim adventure, is done with cruelty, although unfortunately it is the best-staged sequence in the film. What follows is a programmatic series of twists and turns, peppered with leaden action scenes, all shot dark, thick, and limp by Sollima.

It’s also a problem that all of Jordan’s persuasive appeal has been muted to nothing in the service of the film’s stoic and macho aspirations. Jordan offers flat lines in a flat way, which isn’t really his fault I guess. Whosoever is to blame, however, No regrets It decidedly doesn’t provide the movie star evolution that a standalone action hero role like this is supposed to give for a rising young actor. Perhaps that idea itself is as old-fashioned as Clancy’s work, which is why Jordan is trapped in the trajectory of stars twice his age. Then again Chris Hemsworth He recently found a streaming hit outside of the Marvel-verse in the action movie Twisted. Extraction. Jordan probably just needs better material, a script, and a character who more cleverly displays his capacity for empathic angst and mischievous mischief.

Much of No regrets he looks too much like actors playing a soldier in disguise. Which all action movies are up to a point, but the good ones are better at hiding the artifice or letting us happily lean into it. No regretsThe fragile seriousness makes the claim seem much more foolish. Jordan falls victim to that hangover, as do his co-stars. Jamie bellAs a sneaky CIA agent, he manages to find some credible notes to play, even if he hasn’t been given anything interesting to do in the end. But Jodie Turner-SmithAs a military officer and niece of Clancy’s main character, James Greer, she gets angry and gives a wooden performance that matches the stale tenor of the film; his scenes slow an already boring movie to a halt. However, it didn’t take much slowing down.

It’s probably not worth getting into the politics of the movie, but if I’m analyzing the movie correctly, it’s generally an extrajudicial, but pro-clandestine, anti-war slaughter as long as it’s done by the right people. (That is, sensible Americans with supposed moral clarity.) Only the main killing machine we see here is fueled by personal pain, by a lust for revenge, which is not exactly the best case for reasoned, practical, and dispassionate. surgical blow that the movie, and in some ways Clancy’s verse, is perhaps defending. Or maybe it’s not doing that at all! Who can tell through the pale gloom of the movie.

It is better to pass No regrets. assured that Jordan will find another star vehicle more suitable for him. Perhaps one who is a little more in vogue with today’s customs and styles, and is more willing to let his leadership express something beyond the wordless violence of so much canned fury.

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