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Microsoft recently released an update to its Dev channel for Microsoft Edge, which brings many improvements and a new feature. In version 116.0.1938.1, users can expect increased reliability, bug fixes, and the introduction of the Lock tabs feature in Workspaces.

While the update is currently available for desktop users, mobile users will receive it at a later date. Let’s dive into the highlights of this update and how it benefits users on various platforms.

Enhance your browsing experience with the latest update from the Microsoft Edge Developer Channel
Microsoft Edge Development Build 116.0.1938.1

What’s new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 116.0.1938.1?

Lock tabs in workspaces

One of the notable additions in the Microsoft Edge Dev Channel update is the Lock tabs feature in Workspaces. This new functionality allows users to lock tabs within their workspaces, ensuring that essential web pages remain easily accessible and protected from accidental closure.

With this addition, users can better manage their work environments, enabling efficient multitasking without fear of losing critical tabs.

Improved reliability and bug fixes

Microsoft has fixed various reliability issues and bugs in the latest Dev Channel update. For iOS users, a browser crash that occurred when tapping on the search bar has been resolved. This solution ensures a smoother browsing experience for iOS users, avoiding unexpected interruptions during their online activities.

Additionally, a behavior change has been implemented for iOS and macOS users. Previously, the address bar and close button did not work when using the split screen feature. However, this issue has now been fixed, allowing users to use these essential components smoothly in split screen mode.

Additionally, the workspaces menu, which was not responding to clicks, has been fixed, improving overall usability for users.

Platform-specific enhancements

The Microsoft Edge Dev channel update also includes platform-specific improvements. For macOS users, the sidebar now works perfectly even when the browser is in full screen mode. This enhancement brings greater convenience and flexibility to macOS users, ensuring seamless access to sidebar tools and maximizing screen real estate.

iOS users will benefit from a fix for Face ID not working on autofill saved passwords. This resolution fixes an issue that users are facing when trying to use Face ID for password autofill functionality. With the solution in place, iOS users can enjoy a seamless and secure password management experience.

On the other hand, Android users will notice an improvement in the size of the address bar in InPrivate mode. This fix ensures that the address bar is the right size, aligning it with the overall browsing experience and providing consistent visual elements.

Improvements to WebView2

The update also brings improvements to WebView2, addressing specific issues. Users will appreciate that older versions of WebView2 are now clean, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined browsing experience.

Additionally, a bug related to the PrintAsync function when PrinterName contains Chinese characters has been fixed, ensuring reliable printing functionality for users encountering such scenarios.

To sum up

Microsoft’s latest update to the Microsoft Edge Dev Channel brings a variety of improvements and a new feature to improve the browsing experience. With the introduction of the Lock Tabs feature in Workspaces, users can better organize their work environments and prevent accidental closing of tabs.

Additionally, the update addresses reliability issues and bug fixes across multiple platforms, ensuring a smoother and more fluid browsing experience for Microsoft Edge users. With continuous updates and refinements, Microsoft Edge remains at the forefront of providing a user-centric and robust web browsing solution.

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