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Microsoft has been rapidly adding new features to its Edge web browser in recent months, ranging from annoying to potentially useful. Now, there’s a new dedicated “built for work” Edge browser in development.

Microsoft Edge for Business is now available in private preview, which “aims to address the needs of both end users and IT professionals as the browser that automatically separates work and personal browsing into dedicated browser windows with their own bookmarks, separate caches and storage locations. ” The idea is that your PC can have two browsing experiences, one for your personal browsing and one for work tasks, and both could be Microsoft Edge.

The new Business version has a special icon (Edge with a briefcase) as well as a profile picture in the top left corner of the window that expands into your profile information when clicked. Microsoft will also allow organizations to change the profile area to a branded interface, with a custom logo, name, and color to match the company or group that manages the Edge experience. It also automatically switches “a growing number of websites” between work and personal experiences.

Image of Microsoft Edge for business
Edge personal browser behind Edge for Business Microsoft

This is likely not a separate version that normal people can download, like Edge Beta or Canary. Instead, administrators and IT departments will deploy it to the computers they own and control. Microsoft is also testing a “Bring Your Own PC” version for computers.

Microsoft Edge for Business is currently planned for a broad deployment in August 2023.

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