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Issue: Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid Serum Product Review

Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid Serum Product Review
Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid Serum Product ReviewMinimalist 2% Salicylic Acid Serum Product Review

Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid Serum Product Review

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid, or BHA, an exfoliating ingredient. Nowadays, chemical peels are very popular among skin care products, that is why many brands offer different exfoliating products like serums, peels, and facial cleansers for different skin problems. Salicylic acid is keratolytic, helping to dissolve keratin plugs and debris that build up in pores and cause blackheads and whiteheads. Also known as a non-inflammatory form of acne.

Due to the exfoliating nature of BHA, it keeps the skin clean and evens out skin texture. Salicylic acid is a boon for oily skin as it helps control sebum production. In the pathogenesis of acne formation, oil, dirt, and bacteria cause clogging of the pores and, if not treated at the right time, can lead to inflammatory acne in the form of pimples and bumps.

The anti-inflammatory action of this acid helps reduce redness and swelling in the affected area. Normally 2% salicylic acid is a powerful percentage to work effectively on the skin. In today’s article, I will be sharing my 2% salicylic acid minimalist serum review.

What does the product say?


Our salicylic acid easily penetrates the lining of the pores. Removes dirt, debris and oil (clinically proven to work better than traditional oil-based salicylic acid), leaving skin looking clear and baby-soft.
Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula made with aloe vera juice instead of water found in other serums to soothe irritation commonly associated with exfoliation
RonaCare Salicylic Acid Extra Pure was supplied by Merck, Germany, a global organic chemistry company.

Ingredients- (from website)

Aloe vera juice, dimethyl isosorbide, propylene glycol, salicylic acid, propanediol, ethoxydiglycol, phenoxyethanol, pullulan, ethylhexylglycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, xanthan gum, sclerotium gum, sodium hydroxide, ethylenediamine trisodium succinate, lecithin.

Main ingredients:

Aloe vera juice:

  • Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce pain, swelling, and pain caused by injury or injury.
  • Supports the production and release of collagen.
  • It can speed up healing time and limit scarring.
  • Reduces the healing time of first and second degree burns.

Salicylic: it works by unblocking clogged pores to treat acne. It does this by breaking the bonds between dead skin cells so they can be more easily released from pores, and by breaking down oils like sebum. Salicylic acid also decreases the skin’s oil production, which reduces breakouts.

pullulan: It is considered an ingredient in cosmetics and beauty products, especially anti-aging products, due to its ability to provide an instant tightening effect when attached to the skin. It can quickly form a transparent film that temporarily improves the texture and appearance of the skin.

Sclerotium gum: it is a versatile ingredient that improves the texture of cosmetic products. It is a gel-like thickening agent. It also acts as a natural moisturizer and softens the skin.

Lecithin: “It makes a product more moisturizing and penetrates the upper layers of the skin.” As a moisturizing agent, lecithin has emollient properties, which means it replenishes skin by filling in gaps in its natural moisture barrier (thanks to its high lipid and fatty acid content).

Price: 521 MXN

Amount: 30ml

Duration: 6 months after opening

Packaging: It used to come in a clear glass dropper bottle, but the packaging has now been changed to a black tinted glass bottle.

Texture: The texture of the serum is dense and penetrates the skin in minutes, giving it a matte look. Does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin.

How to use it?

  1. After cleansing your face, apply 3-4 drops of this serum all over your face and neck and allow it to absorb. Follow with a moisturizer.
  2. Any chemical exfoliant should preferably be applied at night to prevent sun damage. When acid is used in skin care, the skin becomes sensitive to UV rays. Therefore, proper protection and the use of sunscreen are a must.
  3. I prefer to apply salicylic acid serum as a spot treatment. If you prefer to apply it all over your face, I recommend doing it only 2-3 times a week to avoid over-exfoliating your skin.

My experience with the 2% Salicylic Acid Minimalist Serum

I am a big fan of salicylic acid in skin care. It has always worked very well for me when used as a spot treatment. When I have used certain salicylic acid serums in the past, I have had breakouts if I applied them to non-problem areas. With this serum I decided to try it all over my face. The first ingredient in the serum is aloe vera juice which acts as a humectant to lock in moisture in the skin. The serum is also formulated without artificial fragrances, silicones, essential oils, etc.

Chemical peels play a vital role in skin care, helping to prepare your skin for the next steps and allowing it to absorb various skin care products to work properly and effectively. After cleansing and toning my skin, I take 3-4 drops with the dropper provided in the pack and gently apply to my skin, then follow with my regular moisturizer. To my surprise, while using this product as a face serum, I did not experience any irritation or breakouts. The product gives a matte feel that I like.

I apply the serum 2-3 times a week to give my skin a clean look and keep acne at bay. This serum did not cause any irritation or rash while using it. Remember to apply a good broad spectrum sunscreen during the day to avoid any pigmentation on your skin. Overall, I am very happy with how it worked on my skin.

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  • Contains 2% salicylic acid.
  • Unscented, cruelty free
  • It comes with a dropper.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.
  • It didn’t break me.
  • Helps control sebum production.
  • Reduces inflammation and redness of the skin.
  • Helps control acne.
  • Gives a matte feel to the skin.
  • Without oil.
  • Paraben free.
  • Prevent acne.

The inconvenience:

None for me.

No products were found.

People also ask:

Is minimalist 2% salicylic acid good for acne?

It is a powerful exfoliant for oily, acne-prone skin. CLEANSE AND TIGHTEN PORES – 2% BHA helps cleanse pores by removing oil and dirt, minimizing pore size. Regular use reduces blackheads and whiteheads and prevents future blackheads from leading to fair skin.

Does minimalist salicylic acid work?

Salicylic acid worked amazing on pimples. It also controls excess oil, which is why I noticed my skin was a bit dry after 10 days of use. It was then that I decided to reduce the frequency to 2 times a week or only on weekends. I also focused on hydration since salicylic acid tends to dry out the skin.

Can minimalist salicylic acid serum be used every day?

Although it is a mild acid, salicylic acid should only be used once a day. You can use it in the morning or at night, but it is better to include salicylic acid in your evening skincare routine. This is because salicylic acid removes dead skin cells to reveal new, younger looking skin cells.

Can I use 2% salicylic acid serum every day?

Yes, it’s okay to use salicylic acid every day; however, since it can sometimes cause skin irritation, many skin experts and dermatologists suggest using it sparingly. If there are no symptoms, start three times a week. From any reaction, you can stack use for one.

Does minimalist salicylic acid work on blackheads?

It is a powerful exfoliant for oily, acne-prone skin. CLEANSE AND TIGHTEN PORES – 2% BHA helps cleanse pores by removing oil and dirt, minimizing pore size. Regular use reduces blackheads and whiteheads and prevents future blackheads from leading to fair skin.

Which minimalist serum is best for open pores?

2% Salicylic Acid Minimalist Serum for Acne, Blackheads & Open Pores | Reduces excess oil and uneven texture | BHA-based scrub for oily or acne-prone skin.

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