Mississippi Treasurer McRae Joins 16 Other States in Opposing President Biden’s Currency Controller Candidate | Mississippi politics and news


Omarova’s “radical views” on private banking, “bankrupt” energy industries raise concerns.

Mississippi treasurer David McRae, along with officials from 16 other states, are calling on President Joe Biden to immediately withdraw Saule Omarova’s appointment as controller of the US currency.

In a letter co-signed by 21 state financial officials representing 17 states, the group says Omarova’s “radical visions” have sparked great concern.

Treasurer David McRae

“[We are] has opposed Ms. Omarova because of her radical views and has a deep concern that she may be abusing her supervisory power as a controller to expand political control over the private banking sector, disrupting the economy, “McRae et al wrote. president. “We hereby invite you to withdraw this appointment on the grounds that Omarova’s worldview is incompatible with the free market and is therefore disqualifying.”

Omarova, born in Kazakhstan when she was part of the old Soviet Union, called for the “end of the banking system as we know it” by transferring private banking functions to the Federal Reserve.

Furthermore, candidate Biden appears to support “bankrupt” energy industries as a means of tackling climate change.

“For example for some industries in difficulty and companies in transition. Here, what I’m thinking about is mainly the coal industry and the oil and gas industry, “Omarova tells herself in a viral clip on Twitter.” Many of the smaller players in that industry are likely to go bankrupt soon. time, at least we want them to fail if we are to tackle climate change. “

The letter of opposition to the candidate was sent to President Biden and was signed by the following state treasurers, financial directors and auditors:

  • Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee
  • Arkansas State Treasurer Dennis Milligan
  • Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis
  • Idaho Treasurer Julie Ellsworth
  • State Treasurer of Indiana Kelly Mitchell
  • Kentucky auditor Mike Harmon
  • Kentucky treasurer Allison Ball
  • Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder
  • Mississippi Treasurer David McRae
  • Missouri treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick
  • Nebraska Treasurer John Murante
  • North Carolina Treasurer Dale Folwell, CPA
  • North Dakota Treasurer Thomas Beadle
  • Stacy Garrity, Pennsylvania treasurer
  • South Dakota auditor Richard Sattgast
  • South Dakota Treasurer Josh Haeder
  • Texas controller Glenn Hegar
  • Utah auditor John Dougall
  • Utah treasurer Marlo Oaks
  • West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore
  • Wyoming State Treasurer Curt Meier

State Financial Officers Foundation CEO Derek Kreifels also signed the letter.


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