HEALTH Mississippi's only abortion clinic closes and moves to New...

Mississippi’s only abortion clinic closes and moves to New Mexico


The last abortion clinic in Mississippi officially closed Wednesday, a day before an activation ban against nearly all abortion procedures goes into effect in the state, following the Supreme Court’s decision last month to overturn Roe v. . Calf.

Shannon Brewer, who ran the clinic involved in the controversial Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court Case, he told The Washington Post in May about plans to move to New Mexico, where abortion procedures are still legal.

Now after a judge refused Jackson Women’s Health Organization Request for Temporary Block in Mississippi Activation Ban, Brewer told the Texas Tribune that his team is moving services to Las Cruces, NM

As of the Supreme Court’s June 24 opinion, the power to regulate abortion now rests with individual states, creating a patchwork of laws that will require many women seeking abortions to cross state lines.

Many companies have promised to pay for such trips for employees, while democratic states have sought to enact protections for those who cross state lines to access the procedure.

At the end of June, the Governor of New Mexico. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed an executive order that protects medical providers in the state from “discipline due to an out-of-state resident receiving abortion services in New Mexico,” according to a pitch from the governor’s office.

Grisham’s order also stated that “New Mexico will not accept extradition attempts from other states related to the receipt or provision of reproductive services.”

Abortions are restricted in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and Utah, which border New Mexico. Texas made news last fall with a law that prohibited abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. this spring, oklahoma banned abortions from the moment of fertilization.

In neighbor coloradothe procedure is legal at all stages of pregnancy.

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