Missouri reconsidering restrictions on medical cannabis advertising


In response to opposition from industry stakeholders, Missouri medical cannabis regulators are considering relax advertising restrictions on state MMJ activities.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, MMJ regulators released a draft regulation on Thursday that would allow dispensaries to externally advertise sales promotions if they carry this warning:


“Medical decisions should not be made on the basis of advertising. Consult a physician about the benefits and harms of particular medical marijuana products. “

Sales promotions in stores must follow the state’s signage rules, the paper noted.

The about-face comes from an email in July, in which the Department of Health and Aged Services (DHSS) told dispensaries that they were aware of promotional events that had to “immediately” stop because they violated state regulations that prohibit the administration of “medical marijuana as part of a promotional event.”

DHSS will accept public comments on the draft regulation until November 18.

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After sending the July email, according to the Post-Dispatch, Missouri MMJ industry stakeholders “launched a letter campaign, which included placing an ad in a monthly cannabis magazine that it included a prescribed postcard for patients to send to officials. “

A spokesperson for the DHSS did not respond to a post-submission request for comment on the decision overturning.


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