MolinaCares Agreement to Improve Student Access to Nutritious Food in Mississippi | Mississippi politics and news


Twelve Delta schools, 2,500 children to benefit from the program.

The Molina Cares agreement, in collaboration with Molina Healthcare of Mississippi, is donating $ 50,000 to distribute dedicated food and nutrition educators to twelve Delta area schools through its partnership with FoodCorps.

“We know that Mississippians living in the Delta region face many obstacles to healthy living,” said Bridget Galatas, plan president of Molina Healthcare of Mississippi. “Teaching children about nutrition in advance is critical to directing them towards health and well-being, and we are committed to that goal.”

FoodCorps educators will support the creation of school gardens where fruit and vegetables will be planted for students to care for and eventually consume. The program also includes hands-on lessons on preparing simple and healthy meals to help establish beneficial eating habits that last a lifetime.

The program is expected to reach 2,500 children through 400 nutrition education classes.

“We want to ensure that children in our local communities have access to healthy meals that help them learn, grow and succeed,” said Curt Ellis, co-founder and CEO of FoodCorps. “We are so grateful to MolinaCares for the generous donation that will help support these critical efforts.”


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