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Monday Morning Update 7/19/21 – HIStalk

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The New York Times He says that IBM Watson failed to achieve its goals of transforming industries and making IBM successful. He says Watson’s capabilities were oversold by top IBM executives, mostly former sales and service employees, who ignored warnings from company scientists that it was a one-trick pony that was built solely. to win “Jeopardy”.

The article notes that Watson’s “moon injection” failed in several healthcare systems, as the technology was not capable of real-time cancer diagnostics or smart literature searches. IBM has discontinued its genomics and oncology offerings after they failed in high-profile healthcare systems.

IBM’s Watson Health business spent $ 4 billion to acquire Merge Healthcare, Phytel, Explorys, and Truven Health Analytics. The company is reportedly considering selling those businesses as it lags behind its competitors in cloud computing. Watson Health is reportedly generating $ 1 billion in annual revenue, but still losing money.

NYT says Watson is “a sobering example of the trappings of tech hype and arrogance around artificial intelligence,” but says the technology has improved to the point where it can handle natural language tasks like those offered by IBM’s competitors in the cloud, such as task automation and virtual technology. attendees.

Reader Comments

From He is not here: “Re: remote monitoring of the patient. Doesn’t that term contain a bit of geographic paternalism? “ It does. Healthcare was historically built around the “my patients come where I am” model, where, in addition to the rare house calls, the provider has always sat in their building and waited for people in need to show up. I would say that in and of itself is not paternalistic as it is no different from any other retail or professional business that does not involve services that are provided at home or on the road, but the idea that a patient is “aloof” raises the question. ask, away from what? It’s the same as “after hours” care, after whose hours? Still, while some monitoring could be done regardless of the patient’s location, there must be the ability to react by sending humans, and that’s a last-mile problem for many patients, especially when healthcare systems and emergency service providers who have boots on the grounds are almost always unplugged and at times competitive.

HIStalk Announcements and Requests


The majority of respondents assume information lock-in exists when providers using Epic in the same area do not share patient data. My take is that we know that most EHRs are able to exchange patient data, as evidenced by at least one customer from each provider who is actually doing so, so the ONC should focus on eliminating the provider’s excuse of “we weren’t up-to-date “and set the patient’s expectations. to increase the demand for interoperability.

New poll on your right or here: Which tech company will have the biggest impact on US healthcare in five years? I will leave the definition of “health impact” to the respondents.

Dear Businesses: While I appreciate the option to interact with your website’s chatbot, although I can’t imagine a situation where I would actually do so, please don’t make me rattle, especially every time I navigate to a new page on Your site. That’s not exactly a testament to your software usability expertise.

Lately we’re doing some pre-HIMSS summer lounging around here. Jenn was vacant last week so we posted some updates from the sponsors, while I was traveling with Ms. HIStalk on Friday and chose not to write the Weekender. It feels good to have places to go and things to do after losing last summer to ducking, but sometimes having so many options available makes me anxious to miss something.


July 28 (Wednesday) 1 ET. “Stop Running From Your Problem (List): Strategies to Simplify the EHR Cover Page. “Sponsor: Smart Medical Objects. Presenters: Amanda Heidemann, MD, CMIO, CMIO Services LLC; James Thompson, MD, Medical Computer Scientist, IMO. Outdated or duplicate entries, rigid displays, and limited native EHR capabilities? Presenters will describe how to analyze current issues, create a governance strategy from the issue list, and measure improvement progress.

Previous webinars are on our Youtube Channel. Contact Lorre to present yours.

Acquisitions, Financing, Business and Actions


OM1, which offers chronic disease registries and real-world data, Raise $ 85 million in financing.


  • Baystate Health (MA) it expands your implementation of Cerner with HealthIntent for your physician organization and unspecified revenue cycle solutions.



Gary Christoph, PhD passed away earlier this month from Parkinson’s disease at 76. He spent time as the CIO of HCFA (now CMS), directing it through Y2K and cybersecurity and writing many of the regulations contained in HIPAA. He also led IT for the NIH and Northrop Grumman’s Healthcare IT group.

Government and policy


The Senate confirm Donald Remy, JD as VA undersecretary, its second highest official. He will take over the Cerner project from VA. Remy, who was confirmed on a 91-8 vote, is an Army veteran and NCAA Chief Operating Officer / Legal Director.

Patient Advocacy Group Review of 500 Hospital Websites find that 471 have not published their prices as required by federal transparency rules that went into effect on January 1. The group says the fine of $ 300 per day should be increased.



An open article from JAMA Network suggests that physicians avoid using “stigmatizing language” in their notes as patients can see them. The authors suggest avoiding language that questions the credibility of the patient, indicates disapproval, stereotypes of race or social class, indicates that the patient is difficult, or conveys a paternalistic tone.


Three weeks before HIMSS21, the resurgence of COVID-19 in Las Vegas causes the Venetian, Palazzo and Sands to once again require their employees to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. The health district is also recommending let everyone wear masks indoors, advice that will surely be ignored by 99.5% of visitors. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has not re-enforced casino masking policies until now. HIMSS21’s “no masks required” policy remains aligned with the CDC and county recommendations, as all attendees must be vaccinated. COVID-19 case counts, positivity rates and hospitalizations in Southern Nevada have returned to February levels, with Clark County accounting for 78% of those new cases. More than half of the state’s residents have not been fully vaccinated. The situation is so significant that the Los Angeles public health chief has advised locals, especially those who are not vaccinated, to avoid traveling to Las Vegas.

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  • A Guide to the Revenue Cycle for Private Equity Firms in the Healthcare Sector (RCx Rules)
  • 10 Key Facts Hospitals Should Know About Denials In 2021 (Vyne Medical)


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