Morrison channels Howard on interest rates, but it didn’t end well


Is the policy of the ‘underdog’ prime minister to raise interest rates or to lower them? Or is he just babbling nonsense and lies in a scary campaign?

(Image: AAP image / Mick Tsikas)

Scott Morrison should remember the 2007 election. That was when he entered Parliament, after securing the preselection for Cook’s seat after the successful candidate, Michael Towke, was the subject of an internal party and News Ltd smear campaign. Towke had beaten Morrison 82-8 in the preselection ballot but got the turf. Everything is lawful, etc.

And it was the election when a prime minister with a reputation for lying tried to campaign on a booming economy against a small opponent. It didn’t end well.

But Anthony Albanese is not Kevin Rudd. After all, time would reveal that Kevin Rudd was not Kevin Rudd. But there are a couple of similarities. John Howard claimed to be the “underdog” six months before the election, as Morrison did yesterday. (Rudd parried with his own metaphor, which had the political equivalent of Mount Everest to climb.)

How can it justify the self-definition of the loser? Keep reading.

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