Most Americans have heard of cryptocurrencies, but far fewer have ever invested or used in them


In letter: The Pew Research Center in its latest poll found that 86 percent of Americans have at least heard of some cryptocurrency, while nearly a quarter (24%) say they have heard a lot. Only 13% said they didn’t hear anything about crypto.

Additionally, as many as 16% of respondents say they have personally invested, traded or otherwise used cryptocurrency at some point.

hence pew found patterns between use / interest of cryptocurrencies and demographic groups. For example, men were about twice as likely as women to have reported ever using any type of cryptocurrency. Additionally, virtual currencies are more popular among young demographics, with 31% of those aged 18-29 having invested, traded, or used cryptocurrencies, compared with just 3% of those aged 18-29. 65 years old.

Cryptocurrencies were also found to be more popular among Asian, Hispanic and black adults (in that order) than white adults, although there were no statistically significant differences in interest in cryptocurrencies when looking at household income.

Pew surveyed 11,505 US adults between September 13 and September 19, 2021, although only 10,371 participants responded, with a response rate of 90%.

Bitcoin, the first and largest decentralized digital currency by market capitalization, debuted in early 2009, but it would be many years before it entered mainstream ethics. As illustrated by Pew’s survey, cryptocurrencies in general are quite well known today with a collective market cap of nearly $ 3 trillion.

Masthead credit Alesia Kozik


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