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MoveOn CEO Rahna Epting responds to Brnovich v. Decision of the Democratic National Committee

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The Voting Rights Act, which was already a shell of what it was before, took another devastating blow with today’s Supreme Court ruling. At a time when Republicans are engaged in a devastating disenfranchisement campaign against black and brown communities, we need our highest court to defend our rights, not destroy them. Unfortunately, decades of packaging in the Republican court led by Senator McConnell have rendered our judicial system toothless in the face of real threats like this.

“We will not tolerate this sustained attack on the right to vote and our democracy. Millions of MoveOn members will continue to mobilize to advance both the Act for the People and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to protect the right of everyone to safely cast their vote and ensure that our government represents the will of the people. The stakes are high for obstructionism or the pursuit of bipartisanship to get in the way. Unless both laws are implemented to counter this systematic dismantling of our voting process, Republicans will continue their relentless assault on our democracy and manipulate the rules in their favor, and the voices of millions will be swept away. “

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