MoveOn members joined #RunForShaCarri and delivered over 590,000 signed petitions!


Sha’Carri Richardson captivated the entire nation when she won the Olympic trials for the 100m sprint with her iconic orange hair and big lashes and ran into the stands to find her grandmother.1 She earned her spot to represent our country, but the US anti-doping agency issued a harsh punishment forcing her to miss the 2021 Olympic Games, which is why MoveOn members and allies handed in nearly 600,000 in person yesterday. signatures to ask that Sha ‘Carri can run.

MoveOn member and runner Elena was thrilled for the upcoming Olympic Games, only to be crushed by the news that Sha’Carri was banned from competing under an outrageous, outdated and irrational marijuana rule. So he signed a MoveOn petition along with nearly 600,000 members, asking USADA, the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency to let Sha’Carri run.

And that’s why Elena has organized together with Isabella and Tom to deliver the petition to USADA. Check out other MoveOn members, our NORML Colorado partners, state representatives Naquetta Ricks and Jonathan Singer, and drug policy expert Professor Santiago Guerra supporting Sha’Carri during a run and rally in Colorado Springs, where USADA is headquartered, a share covered by Westword and local news station KRDO, which added to the weeks of publicity that pushed this issue and the major cause of rewriting our marijuana laws in public discourse.2.3

The demands of MoveOn members are clear: cancel the suspension of Sha’Carri and remove THC / marijuana from the banned substance list. Marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug, it is legal where Sha’Carri used to be, and for decades it has been misused to criminalize black and brown communities.

And we are not alone in being outraged by the US Anti-Doping Agency decision. Check out some of the things that have been leaked over the past couple of weeks to support Sha’Carri:

  • Nearly 600,000 MoveOn members have signed the petition, the second largest petition so far this year.
  • Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamie Raskin formally asked USADA to end the suspension of Sha’Carri.4th
  • The hashtag #LetShaCarriRun has taken over Twitter, with celebrities and influencers like Debra Messing,5 David Zirin,6th and Adina Porter7th showing their support in droves.
  • MoveOn’s massive petition has been included in tons of articles from ESPN, “The Today Show”, NBC’s “Nightly News”, NPR, Black enterprise, and many others.8,9,10,11

The fight against the criminalization of black, brown and indigenous people and communities for the use of marijuana continues. This week, US Senators Cory Booker, Charles Schumer and Ron Wyden introduced legislation that is a historic first step to undoing the damage caused by unfair drug policies. Legislation should decriminalize weed and invest profits in restorative justice for long-suffering individuals and communities.12 °

The story of Sha’Carri Richardson is a story of hope, greatness and the power of collective action. Together, we can maintain this momentum. Will you be sharing this graphic on Twitter today to show your solidarity with Sha’Carri Richardson?

Thanks for all you do.

PS Don’t forget: Whenever you get indignant or want members to take collective action with you, you can start a petition here. It only takes a few minutes and can create a lasting impact.


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