MSCHF partners with Crocs for its latest big yellow boot – News Block

Just when you thought that Large red boot MSCHF was a social experiment that the world had gone through, have been reimagined with a crocodiles makeover

The company behind multiple wacky fashion inventions has officially partnered with the comfort shoe brand to unveil the remix of its viral shoe that took social media by storm earlier this year. In the new version, MSCHF stays true to its enlarged rounded toe and slim upper, but this time they added holes and the classic Crocs strap on the back of the boot.

Big Red Boot fans first saw the Big Yellow Boot during Paris fashion week. Musician tommy cash she wore the shiny shoes paired with a black and white striped mime suit in the front row at the Rick Owens Parade. Crocs and MSCHF also shared images of Cash on their social media platforms.

It looks like Cash may have gotten an exclusive pair as the two companies continue to work out the intricate details of the new shoe. performers like Coi Leray, Janelle Monae, Fivio Foreign and Lil Wayne Everyone was spotted rocking the Big Red Boots when they took the fashion world by storm this year, so the summer version is sure to appeal to the who-who in pop culture.

The Big Red Boots retailed at $350, so it’s safe to assume that the latest colorway and the collaboration will be priced the same. As of now, there has been no official release date for Big Yellow Boot.

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