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Muireann O’Connell Photo: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

Muireann O’Connell is no stranger to dog sitting, having revealed last year that she was now spending time taking care of her friend’s pets.

However, not all of her experiences have been, how shall we say… easy?

Just today, Muireann took to social media to share her latest adventure as a dog sitter.

“We went to the most beautiful run yesterday,” the Ireland AM presenter began as she posted a photo of a dog she was babysitting to her Instagram stories.

“So do you know what he was today, a confident jerk?”

Muireann then proceeds to explain how the dog broke her collar, while nearly dislocating her shoulder herself after said dog ran after a squirrel.

“Did I mention she doesn’t bow so you have to catch her?” he added.

“It’s like Leonardo DiCaprio dating an age-appropriate woman. Almost impossible.”


Whereas last year, Muireann nearly had a “collapse” when another dog she was caring for ate a grape.

Posting a video on Instagram at the time, Muireann shared: “I googled it and found out that grapes are toxic to dogs. So I call out to his owner, ‘I think I’ve killed your dog.’ She says ‘you definitely didn’t kill the dog, that’s fine’.”

So will Muireann ever take the leap and get a dog for herself?

Only time will tell!

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