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A judge has ruled that dj mustard you will only have to pay $24,500 per month in child support in your case against your ex-wife chanel thierryaccording to court documents obtained by the Burst.

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Mustard’s ex-wife was seeking more than $82,000 a month in child support, judge upholds prenuptial agreement

Chanel had been seeking more than $82,000 in monthly child support for her three children, kylan, kaunerand kodiat a hearing earlier this year, the shadow room previously reported. However, a judge finally ruled this week that Mustard will pay just a quarter of that.

The judge also upheld Mustard, real name Dijon McFarlane,’s prenuptial agreement with Thierry, according to Burst.

The outlet cited prominent celebrity divorce attorney Samantha Spector as crucial in getting Mustard such beneficial terms.

However, the monthly amount is still higher than the $19,000 per month he was paying under a temporary agreement that began earlier this year, as reported by the shadow room in February.

With no spousal support for Chanel, Mustard keeps houses, cars, royalties and jewelry

In the meantime, under terms set out by a judge this week, Mustard will also be able to keep his house, cars, music royalties and jewelry. He was also allowed to keep his other property, according to court documents.

Mustard told the court that he would pay for the children’s extracurricular activities. The judge ruled in favor of him doing it too.

Although her three children will receive the aforementioned $24,5000 per month, her mother will not receive any type of spousal support.

Chanel had previously agreed to a one-time payment of $315,000, according to court documents.

Mustard filed for divorce from Chanel in May 2022. They had been married for less than two years, but dated for 12, before calling it quits.

A brief history of the drama between DJ Mustard and his ex-wife Chanel Thierry

However, Mustard and Chanel have not publicly held back on the case.

The former couple quarreled quite publicly since they announced their divorce. A persistent problem arose from Chanel allowing her children on social media. Mustard claims that she was exposing them to “predators” by including them in sponsored Instagram posts. Burst reports.

“You are concerned that advertising to children could expose them to predators and hostile media, and you are also concerned that, as mere children, they do not have the ability to consent to the use of their images in a way that will become a permanent feature of the Internet,” their lawyers wrote, according to Blast.

The judge finally allowed both parents to post their children online. However, a warning was made that neither can use “disparaging” words against the other on social media.

The DJ had previously said that Chanel was “stalking” him after the custody exchanges, his lawyers wrote, according to Blast.

“Because Chanel is so aggressive and hostile, Dijon believes that it is in the best interest of the children to have as few custody exchanges as possible and, in fact, the parties’ week-over-week custody schedule has been working well despite Chanel continuing to use custody exchanges as an opportunity to stoke conflict,” the legal documents read.

For her part, Chanel apparently threw shade at her estranged ex for ruining her “first day” last year, as previously reported by the shadow room.

What do you say, Roomies? Did Mustard get off the hook easily, as his lawyers say? Or is $24,500 per month still too much?

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