My visit to Bexprt in Winnersh – Diary of John Redwood – News Block

On Friday June 16th I visited Bexprt in Winnersh to get to know the business and meet founder and CEO Mo Hamdy, CMO Gwen Edwards and Mahmoud El Zayet, Head of Cloud Training and Consulting department. I was delighted to congratulate them on the Department for International Trade’s ‘Made in the UK, Sold to the World’ award for digital exports the company received last month.

Bexprt is a small, fast-growing company with a large export client base, providing specialized consulting and professional ICT services to clients seeking technology-driven business transformation. It is partnering with Amazon Web Services to help people use the cloud system for external data storage. There are opportunities for companies to contract the storage and processing of their data to an external provider using powerful computers in specialized warehouses with high levels of cybersecurity and service.

The company is positive about the opportunities of artificial intelligence as faster searches, machine learning and new language models improve IT services. We are moving towards a world where people can have an AI assistant to provide data, feedback and assistance by quickly reading and replaying materials available through big data storage. I wish Bexprt much success as it grows on its path to greater success, offering exciting services to local and international businesses.

With Founder and CEO Mo Hamdy

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