NASA’s beloved ’83 Astrovan could be refurbished for the next lunar mission – Petersen Automotive Museum


The Astrovan II, also built by Airstream, is currently used to transport the launch pad. However, as astronauts are known to be deeply rooted in tradition (even superstitious), it makes sense that the original CRT, built from a 27-foot Excella camper, is among the transportation considerations. That said, NASA / Kennedy Space Center has opened research to all companies and projects.

In addition to specific dimensions and equipment specifications, such as 24- to 36-inch wide doors, the Artemis CTV must be able to accommodate four fully suitable astronauts, as well as a driver, a suit technician, a director of operations operations. flight and an agent of the protection services. Following the trend of electric vehicles, the CRT must also be “a zero-emission vehicle, including battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric or fuel cell electric”.

Entries must be submitted by October 25th. NASA has set a delivery date for the Artemis CTV of “no later than June 2023”.


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