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Nationals GM slams ’embarrassing’ Phillies manager Joe Girardi: ‘He’s a con man’

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Joe Girardi: Scammer?

Girardi, manager of the 34-36 Phillies, asked umpires to review Max Scherzer for the third time during Philadelphia’s 3-2 loss on Tuesday amid sweeping new MLB rules prohibiting pitchers from using substances. strange to improve grip.

The rules are forcing umpires – and managers – into difficult situations to control pitchers, but Nats general manager Mike Rizzo is not buying into Girardi’s explanation that he was concerned that starter Max Scherzer had something. in her hair Tuesday night, which led to Girardi’s request.

In his weekly radio ad with 106.7 The FAN in DC, Rizzo didn’t hold back his disdain for Girardi for last night’s situation:

It’s embarrassing for Girardi, it’s embarrassing for the Phillies, it’s embarrassing for baseball. If he is playing. Hey, that’s your right. Ability for the game. It had nothing to do with substances, he had no probable cause for asking. The referees shouldn’t have allowed it. But it happened and you have to deal with it. This is what we will have to deal with.

And you think you’re going to bully Max Scherzer, and that sort of thing, and it just isn’t going to happen. You’re going to piss him off and make him focus a lot more. It was about breaking Max’s rhythm and frustrating him and that sort of thing, and it didn’t work. Our bullpen pitched very well, we got some timely hits and beat the Phillies. …

That was his goal. He’s a scammer. He got you (the show hosts) on the scam. So it is so. He’s been doing that for years on television.

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Rizzo would later say that he “loves” Girardi and has known him for a long time, so perhaps he knows him “too well”.

Girardi learned of Rizzo’s inflammatory comments and responded Wednesday afternoon:

“I have no problem with that,” Girardi said. “Obviously, you are going to protect your club. You have the right to have your own opinion, but so do I. That’s the bottom line. That’s the United States, right?”

Girardi was sent off for coming out of the dugout and facing some national coaches who were yelling across the diamond. Washington and Scherzer emerged as the 3-2 victors in the NL East meeting.

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