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Naturally-Extracted Tobacco E-Liquids

Tobacco enthusiasts now have a reason to smile because they can enjoy naturally extracted tobacco e-juice any day. This is e-juice manufactured using tobacco flavor extracted from the tobacco leaf. Most manufacturers boast a variety of natural methods that retain the quality of tobacco while avoiding the introduction of foreign compounds. Some methods are fast while others are very slow. The latter gives the best results, though.

Natural tobacco is loved for its flavor and overall experience. The main reason to extract tobacco from the tobacco leaf is to retain the salt nicotine, which is considered more stable, than the freebase nicotine used in most e-juices.

Contents of Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquids

·       Natural tobacco – As the name suggests, natural tobacco is a concentrate extracted from the tobacco leaf and added to e-juice by the manufacturers. The concentrate gives it rich tobacco flavor and adds nicotine as well. Therefore, the e-juice will be addictive, and it is recommended that you use it responsibly.

·       Propylene glycol – This is a food-grade base that holds the e-juice together and produces the throat hit. It is the main ingredient in any e-liquid. It can be used alone or together with vegetable glycerin in a specific ratio for the best results.

·       Vegetable glycerin – It is used in a similar way as propylene glycol. It is also a base that has been approved for human consumption. Manufacturers usually mix the two ingredients instead of using one to supplement the other to get the best results.

·       Water – Water is also a base that makes the e-juice liquid.

·       Other flavors – The manufacturer may decide to add other flavors to the naturally extracted tobacco e-juice to make it more enticing. You may have heard about the cocktail vape juice with many flavors.

How Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquids Are Made

·       Cold maceration process – The most expensive and best naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids are made through this method. It involves macerating tobacco leaves for many days to naturally produce tobacco. According to manufacturers, it is a labor-intensive and slow process but gives the best results.

·       Heat maceration process – To make the maceration process a lot faster, manufacturers can use heat as a cheaper and quicker alternative. Once the leaf is heated, the cells containing tobacco open easily, making the entire process very fast and effective as well.

Both cold and heat maceration processes eliminate the use of chemicals to extract tobacco, which is why they make natural tobacco e-juice. So, when buying your next vape juice, you can try the naturally extracted tobacco vape juice from a reliable seller to enjoy a great experience.

Popular Types of Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Juice

·       Natural tobacco e-liquids from ePuffer – This Canadian e-juice seller has some of the best vape juices with naturally extracted Canadian tobacco. They include other flavors from which they are named. The most popular ones you can try include vanilla cavendish natural tobacco, menthol burley Virginia natural tobacco, and golden flake natural pipe tobacco e-liquids, among others. ePuffer is one of the most affordable vape juice sellers in Canada and Europe. And if you visit their website, you will enjoy naturally extracted tobacco products at the best price.

·       Natural tobacco e-juices from Naked 100 – This manufacturer and seller boasts the best blends of naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids. Whether you choose their Cuban blends, Euro gold, or American patriot vape juices, the experience will be perfect. They design their tobacco products for people who crave pure and rich tobacco. So, try any of their products today and you will not regret it.

·       Natural tobacco e-juices from Black Note – Do you crave finely-produced e-juice with tobacco extract? Black Note gives the extraction and distillation process the time it deserves to get the best. With a careful blend of other ingredients such as VG and PG, they can achieve original flavor or high blend. You can buy any of their products online or from popular vape shops all over the world.

Final Words

Naturally extracted tobacco vape juices are designed for experienced users. However, even newbies will quickly notice the difference and learn to enjoy the product. If you are interested in trying tobacco, vaping the naturally extracted one is a good option. Fortunately, you have important insights to understand the product and enjoy it.


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