NB the man fulfills his lifelong dream of performing the national anthem for the Calgary Flames


It was the chance of a lifetime for Dan Joyce: to sing the Canadian national anthem for his beloved Calgary flames and the “C of Rosso”.

But to understand how important this moment is, you have to go back, far back.

“This would never have happened if it weren’t for the joke,” Joyce said.

You see, this New Brunswick mechanic has sung all his life. While he certainly never thought of becoming a pro, he wasn’t afraid of crowds.

“He really sang everywhere,” said Joyce’s son Dan Jr ..

“He would come home and sing the wrong words to whatever country song he was listening to that day and he grew from there until he did some of the anthems for my hockey games.

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“It has almost become a tradition for him to be able to sing in my games.”

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The cancer-fighting Saint John man virtually sings the national anthem at the Calgary Flames match

Saint John’s Cancer Man Virtually Sings National Anthem at Calgary Flames Match – April 27, 2021

Then came the joke.

In the early 1990s, a Saint John station tricked Joyce into playing the national anthem on the radio under the pretext of auditioning to become the lead singer of Calgary’s AHL affiliate, the Saint John Flames.

Kick off the twist.

“The next week, the Flames actually called me and asked me to sing for the AHL team,” laughed Joyce. “More than 5,000 fans showed that game and I sang it – and then I sang it many times later.”

It is an understatement.

Over the decades, he has performed at weddings, funerals and thousands of hockey games at all levels. But things took a turn for the worse in February when he was discovered a tumor in the esophagus.

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As the NB man who fights cancer he got a dream concert singing the anthem for the Calgary Flames game

He virtually played the national anthem for the Calgary Flames in April, as part of the annual Hockey Fights Cancer game.

“The Calgary Flames are my favorite sports team – the oncology department is my favorite team, period,” Joyce said.

“They saved my life.”

The Joyce family proudly wears the jerseys of their favorite team.

Provided that / Dan Joyce Jr.

Since his recovery came so far in the following months – he even returned to work half a day at the garage – the Flames decided to fly Joyce and her family to Calgary to make that decade-long dream come true.

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Joyce and Dan Jr., his wife Sharon and daughter Christina are receiving the royal treatment and are visiting some Southern Alberta landmarks on a whirlwind vacation while another son, Brad, and the rest of the family watched the Dan’s great moment Thursday night from the Maritimes.

He dealt with pressure the same way he dealt with surgeries and all adversity: with a smile and a song.

The cheers of the crowd started long before the song ended, and like the final notes of Or Canada dissipated in the air, the ‘C of Red’ stood, leaving Dan beaming.

“There is nothing like it.”

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The Flames’ lavender shirts will now be auctioned in support of Hockey Fights Cancer initiatives, closing the call on Wednesday 10 November at 10pm MT.

Joyce is currently awaiting test results that will tell him if he is in remission or if he has more cancer treatments in sight.

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