NBA News: LeBron James ripped for a Twitter post about Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial


LeBron James pointed out that the reaction to the vision of Kenosha Kyle Rittenhouse’s gunman collapsing during his murder trial has been criticized.

LeBron James is teased for mocking teenager Kyle Rittenhouse’s breakdown on the stand.

The 36-year-old Lakers star posted a series of laughing emojis together footage of 18-year-old gunslinger Kenosha overwhelmed by sobs Wednesday, a collapse that forced her to halt her trial.

“What tears ???? I haven’t seen one, ”wrote James, a black rights activist.

“Dude, stop it! That guy ate some lemon heads before he went to court, ”the Los Angeles dancer wrote on his @KingJames account, ending with the three laughing emojis.

Within hours, the New York Post reports that his tweet had more than 200,000 likes but also 17,000 comments, many outraged by the player’s latest outburst, who previously tweeted a photo of a policeman along with the caption “YOU ARE NEXT”.

“LeBron James seems to be making fun of people dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in this post. Why?” asked Aaron Carpenter, a local councilor in Ohio.

“Is this a joke to you? Not good looking! “

Others have asked why the athlete is “on the wrong side of every problem”.

“When you revisit the traumatic memories, it comes out differently emotionally and / or psychically,” wrote Rittenhouse’s Harminder Singh, whose sobs came as she remembered fearing for her life from the Black Lives Matter rioters she testified. they were trying to snatch his AR-15 before he opened fire.

“Understand the subject before you comment on it,” Singh advised James.

Another commentator suggested that James must have “looked at literally zero coverage of this process, or else he may not be publishing something that is so out of this world”.

“I am quite surprised that Lebron actually used his voice and this platform to do such a thing [sophomoric] declaration. “

Many also pointed out that it is not necessary to support Rittenhouse – who was tried for the murder of two men and the attempted murder of a third – to believe that he would still be traumatized by the experience.

“Lebron in bad shape, an 18-year-old boy with the weight of the world on him,” wrote one fan. “Maybe he spends the rest of his life behind bars. Forgive him if it breaks. “

Another fan, Jesse Muckinhoupt, wrote: “Bruh. Regardless of how you feel about the situation, you could maybe show a little better character.”

Many also posted pictures of James in tears on his own court – a basketball court – with the words: “Big talk from you considering you had to be taken off court for a leg cramp.”

Many also reminded the Lakers star of his earlier scandal over his incendiary tweet following the deadly police shooting in April of Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, while throwing herself at another girl with a knife in Columbus, Ohio.

James later apologized for tweeting a photo of the officer along with the seemingly ominous caption, “YOU ARE NEXT”.

“Do you remember what happened the last time you talked about a shooting? More or less the same thing here, ”Chris Manning, an Afghan war veteran and former congressional candidate, told him.

Another wrote, “Hey King, forget this. You don’t have a good history with this shoot.”

“I love you Lebron, but you have to educate yourself and stop racing lures. You’re making it worse, “wrote one fan whose bio reads” Lebron is my GOAT, “for the greatest of all time.

“First by calling that cop and then deleting your tweet when the facts actually showed that you spoke too soon. Same thing here. “

Radio host Dan O’Donnell got a witty take on James’ claim about bad acting.

“If you’re suggesting he was somehow faking it, then he’s a much better actor than you are in Space Jam,” wrote O’Donnell of James’ 2021 film in which he starred alongside cartoon characters.

This article originally appeared on New York Post and has been reproduced with permission

Originally published as LeBron James ripped for mocking Kyle Rittenhouse’s exhaustion in court


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