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Nelly Korda Injury Update: Are Her Biggest Dreams Still Crushed By Dog Bite?

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The unwelcome guest that every golfer dreads: an injury. It’s a harsh reality that can appear at any time and spares no one, not even the best players. World No. 1 Nelly Korda recently faced a similar ordeal. She would never have thought that simply sitting in a cafe, minding her own business, would cost her the chance to play in the next tournament, where she would have returned as the defending champion. The golfer took to her Instagram and spoke in detail about the tragedy.

The 25-year-old was unable to attend the LET Aramco Team Series event at the Centurion Club in Hemel Hempstead. He explained the reason why he had to pull out of the tournament at the last minute. According to Korda’s Instagram story, while he was sitting in a cafe in Seattle, de-stressing from the upcoming tournaments and spending his hours away from the greens, the unbelievable happened! A dog jumped on the golfer and the results were not pretty. “I regret to announce that I must withdraw from next week’s Ladies European Tour tournament in London.” Korda wrote in his story.

Korda apologized to fans, who were extremely saddened to hear the news, and the golfer also promised to return as soon as she fully recovers. “I apologise to the LET, sponsors and fans for my absence. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to returning to the course soon.” Now the question remains: will this dog bite hamper his play at the Evian Resort? Or will he be able to get his A-game back like he did at the Chevron Championship? Well, most likely it will be the latter!


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Nelly Korda said at a pre-tournament press conference for the Amundi Evian Championships that the dog bit her on the thigh. The injury needed time to heal and that is why she withdrew from such an important tournament. When asked how her preparation was going, the golfer said: “Yes, I took a week off and didn’t even look at my clubs after KPMG. What a simple cure. Then I practiced.”

He takes his game very seriously and that has been evident since the start of this season when he reeled off five consecutive Tour wins. Speaking about his preparations for the fourth major, he said: “I was lucky that Jamie came, my coach came with me for two days to practice with me. I practiced last week and tried to prepare for this event.”It is safe to say that the dog bite was not a hindrance for the golfer as she is fully prepared for action at the 2024 Evian Amundi Championship.

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Interestingly, this is not the only time a golfer has had to withdraw from a full-time tournament due to a dog bite!


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Andrew Raitt’s unfortunate injury in 1995

In a shocking incident in 1995, professional golfer Andrew Raitt’s career was irreversibly damaged when an Alsatian dog named Zomba bit off part of his left pinky finger at St. George’s Hill Golf Club in Weybridge. The golfer was trying to break up a fight between the Alsatian and his dog Nikki. According to the golfer, the injury affected his game more than he expected.


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Raitt took him to the High Court in 2002, saying the injury cost him the biggest tournament of a golfer’s life – the Ryder Cup. The golfer sued the dog’s owner, Jeremy Lunn, and demanded $1.5 million in damages. But High Court Judge Sir Ian Kennedy said the injury “It hasn’t had any impact on his ability as a player” and only awarded $7,710 in damages, which was not enough to cover the costs of the golfer’s course.

While the golf world will miss Korda’s presence and talent, everyone is wishing her a speedy recovery so that fans can see their favorite player dominating the greens once again! Do you think this injury will affect Korda’s gameplay as well? Let us know in the comments section below!


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