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Nene Leakes, Bryson Bryant, Lamar Odom

Nene Leakes Reveals Son Bryson Has Battled Drug Addiction For Years, Has Been To Rehab Multiple Times + Lamar Odom Reached Out To Offer Help

The reality of drug addiction can be just as harsh for family members as it is for victims.

Former “RHOA” Star baby leaks spoke about the matter during a recent interview with producer charles kingwhere he discussed his eldest son’s related ongoing struggles.

As previously reported, 31-year-old bryson bryantthe first son of baby leaks, was arrested earlier this month on charges of drug possession and loitering. The former reality star was reportedly found with the deadly drug fentanyl in her vehicle outside a home where she did not know the residents. After posting bail, authorities arrested him again shortly thereafter for giving a false name and address, using his brother. brent leaks identification and claiming to live in a house that his mother allegedly sold years ago.

babe leaks & son brentt

According to his famous mom, Bryant he has been dealing with addiction for several years and has been in and out of rehab in an attempt to curb the disease. leaks explained during the interview:

“He needs rehab, he needs a lot of counseling…he has an addiction, he’s been struggling with it for years. He’s been to rehab a couple of times and he’s still come back and relapsed.”

She continued:

“As a mom just to see him, my hands are tied… he’s an adult. He has three children…he has a wife. There’s not much I can do. People who have had children or family members who have used drugs know that they must be prepared. They just have to be ready.”

bryson bryant

bryson bryant

leaks She went on to share that she has spent “a lot of money” trying to help her son deal with the problem and has pressured him multiple times to get into rehab centers. However, after receiving some counseling, the TV star says she realized that Bryant you have to want to change yourself. The actress also made it clear that while she will never stop helping her son, she is mostly “numb” to the situation because it’s been going on for so long.

baby leaks

Later in the interview, King wonder if leaks believes growing up on television helped Bryant’s current struggles. In case you are not familiar, leaks starred in the hit series Bravo alongside her late husband gregg leaks and two children during its 2008 premiere and rise.

Responding to the question, she replied:

“I don’t think it’s helped, but I wouldn’t say it’s the only cause…we started on TV when Bryson was like 11th or 12th grade…you have to shine a light on them they didn’t ask for…people are criticizing them for the job I chose to do…and I feel for him that way.”

leaks went on to share that while she can’t fully relate to Bryant’s struggle, someone who can offer help has offered help. Former NBA star lamar odom he allegedly approached the television personality and offered to help his son get help from where he was able to get clean. odom has been very open and candid about his battle with addiction, which ultimately ended his marriage to the reality star khloe kardashian.

The champion athlete has stated that after nearly losing his life from an overdose, he was determined to stay clean. Now, it seems that he is seeking to pay for his freedom by offering to help Bryant. The celebrity kid reportedly remains behind bars at the moment and has requested a public defender to help with his legal issues.

We will continue to update as the situation progresses.

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