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In a recent move, Netflix said goodbye to its ad-free Basic membership plan in the US. The streaming giant updated its Help Center page and announced that the Basic plan is no longer available to new or returning members. However, existing members on the Basic plan can continue to enjoy their benefits until they decide to change plans or cancel their account.

Netflix makes changes to subscription options

Netflix users in the UK and Canada previously experienced a similar change, as the basic $9.99 per month membership was phased out. The streaming platform now offers two ad-free alternatives: the Standard plan at $15.49 per month and the Premium plan at $19.99 per month. Additionally, the Standard with Ads option, which is $3 cheaper than the discontinued Basic plan, remains available for members to choose from.

While this change may raise questions among subscribers, Netflix maintains that its prices are competitive and provide great value to consumers. The company cites its starting prices of $6.99 in the US and £4.99 in the UK, emphasizing the wide range and top-tier quality of its catalogue. Netflix aims to enhance the user experience while maintaining its position as a leading provider of premium entertainment content.

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About Netflix’s ad-supported plan and its success

About eight months ago, Netflix introduced its ad-supported plan at a monthly cost of $6.99. This offer quickly garnered a substantial user base, with around 5 million active users in the US, UK and 10 other countries as of May. As the streaming giant nears the release of second-quarter results, industry insiders are eager to see how this ad-supported option continues to perform.

When asked about recent changes and pricing, Netflix expressed confidence in its decision and affirmed the value it provides customers through its diverse library of content and competitive pricing. The streaming service remains committed to providing a top-notch viewing experience to its ever-growing subscriber base.

As Netflix adapts its subscription options and policies, it remains a dominant force in the streaming industry. The company’s subscriber growth over the past year demonstrates the continued appeal of its wide range of captivating shows and movies.

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