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Streaming services have gone through some big changes in the last year, and some of the biggest changes have affected Netflix customers. With two major Hollywood walkouts underway and some serious questions about what new content will be available for streaming customers to watch in the fourth quarter and through 2024, this seems like bad timing on Netflix’s part.

Why would Netflix do this now?

The streaming network is making more money with its “Standard with Ads” subscription plan and feels that consumers have demonstrated their willingness to pay and therefore should. Netflix could need that revenue if the strikes drag on and subscribers start to cancel.

With that in mind, Netflix has instituted three changes that affect subscribers:

Also, Netflix has just officially announced that it is ending your basic ad-free plan. This means that subscribers who do not want to see advertising in the Netflix viewing experience will have to move to the Standard either Premium Plans, which means more monthly out-of-pocket costs.

Previous Netflix plans

Here’s how Netflix’s “old” plan structure worked:

Netflix Plans 2023

New Netflix plans

Now that the basic ad-free plan has been removed, here’s what Netflix’s new plan structure and pricing looks like from mid-2023 until further notice:

Netflix Plan Features Standard with ads Standard premium plan
Price per month $6.99 $15.49 $19.99
Resolution Full HD
Full HD
HDR/Dolby Vision No No Yeah
(When available)
Dolby Atmos (spatial audio) No No Yeah
(When available)
Number of screens you can view at the same time. 2 2 4
Number of devices to store Netflix downloads 2 6
Option to add additional members for $7.99/mo. each No 1 2
Unlimited Movies and TV Shows No Yeah Yeah
unlimited mobile games Yeah Yeah Yeah
View on TV, laptop, phone/tablet Yeah Yeah Yeah
New Netflix plans from July 2023 onwards

What do you think of Netflix’s new plan structure and pricing strategy? Does your interest in Netflix change? Let us know in the comments below.

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