Netflix’s new horror movie was written by a bot and you have to watch it


In early October, Netflix released a new horror movie that fans of the genre will want to check out. The soccer player? It was written entirely by a bot.

The act of getting bots to write isn’t a new idea, and we’ve already seen some people like Keaton Patti post full-blown books of silly things written by bots after being forced to read and watch thousands of hours of content. Now, however, Patti has teamed up with Netflix to release a mini horror movie called Mr. Puzzles wants you to be less alive.

Netflix horror movie made by robots is as bad as you might think

The title of the film sounds as silly as the actual content contained within. Altogether it lasts about four and a half minutes, and there is a lot to digest in that time frame. Netflix and Patti claim that they have made the bot watch over 400,000 hours of horror movies, and some of the movies they have seen are quite noticeable throughout the video.

As noted, this isn’t the first time a bot has been forced to write something. In 2020, Patti published a book entitled I forced a bot to write this book: AI meets BS Patti originally published the book in November 2020 and it is still available in many stores, including Amazon.

Just like the book, Patti and Netflix let the bot digest content similar to what they wanted it to write and then dropped it on a blank document to see what would come of it. The result is pretty awful, albeit hilarious at times.

The film itself looks like a mix of many horror films, including Saw, Jennifer’s body, and just about every horror trope you can think of, including the detective suffering from a drinking problem. If you’re looking for a good post-Halloween laugh, we highly recommend checking it out. It is a whale of yore.

More horror movies and shows you can watch right now

netflix scared street
A scene from the Netflix horror trilogy “Fear Street” is shown. Image source: Netflix

If you’re more interested in watching slightly more serious horror content, then Netflix has a ton of other options too.

If you want horror movies then it’s definitely worth a look evocation Other The evocation 2. This highly regarded series is based on stories surrounding two of the most famous paranormal investigators ever, Ed and Lorraine Warren. There is also a third film released recently, although it is not yet available on Netflix. If you want more Netflix produced material, though, you can always check out Way of fear trilogy, which Netflix dropped this year.

Those looking for shows should check it out Midnight snack. Although it doesn’t have the same creepy appeal as Michael Flannigan’s previous work on The Hill House Infestation or The Bly Manor Infestation, it’s a solid horror rumor that just hit Netflix not long ago. Of course there are many others too horror shows and movies available on the video subscription service.


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