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Netflix and Sony Pictures Television have teamed up to bring to life “The Corps,” an adaptation of Greg Cope White’s best-selling autobiography “The Pink Marine.” ‘The Corps’ is a working title, but it could be kept considering that the title has already caused a lot of anticipation among fans of the drama. News of the series first appeared in March. Netflix was supposed to wrap productions on the show in September, with an eye toward a mid-2024 release. But with the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strikes, production was halted indefinitely.

There are some big names behind the scenes. The project is being led by Andy Parker, known by his working titles Tales of the CIty and Imposters. Parker is the creator and co-writer of the series. The original book’s author, Greg Cope White, will co-write the script and serve as one of the producers. The first episode of the series is being directed by Peter Hoar, who has The Last of Us and The Umbrella Academy under his belt.

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“The Pink Marine,” the book behind the series, tells the story of a teenager Greg Cope White who joins the Marine Corps boot camp on Parris Island, South Carolina, almost on a whim. Struggling with his own sexuality and non-male perspective, boot camp changes his life. He realizes the true meaning of becoming a sailor and a man.

In the series, Miles Heizer stars as Cameron Cope, a charming underdog who, as a bullied gay teen, seeks to redefine his identity. Living in a tumultuous home with a narcissistic mother, Cameron impulsively enlists in the Marine Corps with his straight best friend, hoping to make him a “real man.” Vera Farmiga plays Barbara Cope, Cameron’s mother.

“The Corps” promises to be a deep and evocative series. Netflix has confirmed 10 episodes, but we don’t know when or how they will be released.

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