As the restrictions continue, the often repeated mantra – “just three weeks to flatten the curve” – ​​that it has clearly become a control mechanism, which can be deployed in an instant at the whim of the government. Whatever your take on how, when and why Covid 19 reached our shores and how an Imperial College modeling chart (now deemed extremely inaccurate) facilitated the arrival of globalized measures to tackle the pandemic, it is not the thrush of the machine media or big tech and global governments that are ready for an immediate debate here.

What is urgently under discussion is the elephant leaping into the room, namely vaccine passports for all. This assault, if not yet universally mandatory, is the next step in the creep mission coming from the back of the program. mass vaccination, which has become the obsession of almost every government around the world. Vaccine passports, like vaccines themselves, are now being actively pushed as part of the “new normal”. Exclusion from work, or exclusion from access to social events, places or travel, are extremely coercive tools of population control. Social influences and peer pressure can also be quite convincing, particularly when friends and coworkers start scolding or shunning because you don’t want to “conform”.

Why have alternative treatments such as ivermectin been – apparently – actively suppressed, leaving vaccines as the only option publicly discussed as a means of “getting us back to normal”? How quickly and swiftly the treacherous scenario of vaccine passports has crept in, with relatively little public opposition – a form of forced data sharing under any other name – that in pre-pandemic times would surely have sparked major protests. It seems to me as if we are being drawn into a slow march towards totalitarian state control.

A lot of money can be made out of fear, and a lot of control can be exercised through age-old tactics of divide and rule.

There appears to be a fork. The majority seem to accept the push of passports because they either fear Covid, or fear they won’t be able to go on vacation without one, or never see restrictions lifted and live normally again. But a growing minority see these coercive tactics as similar to Childcatcher and his lollipops from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Incredibly, it is ice cream and donuts that are the quintessential bait offered to young people in the United States. Also in Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser is offering AirPods, gift cards, and cash scholarships if you get the shot.


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