NFL Power Rankings: The Titans take over; Cowboys, patriots shoot; Buccaneers, crows arriving for week 11


Week 10 in the NFL didn’t have the same crazy and unexpected results as week 9, but there was enough of it to cause a lot of jolts in the top half of Sporting News’s power rankings. The previous n. 1 team lost while understaffed, resulting in a third consecutive week of change at the top.

With some major interconferencing and interconferencing results, the rankings have been shaken across divisions. Some teams flexed more as playoff powers, while others limped further to a fade in the second half.

Here’s how SN sees how each team now stacks against each other from 1-32 at week 11:

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NFL power rankings

1. Tennessee Titans 8-2 (previous ranking: 3)

The Titans deserve to be at the top for putting yet another team of playoff caliber to the test. Mike Vrabel is expected to get more attention as manager of the year and Tennessee’s winning experience in the previous two seasons is starting to pay off.

2. Green Bay Packers 8-2 (4)

The Packers overcame their stumbling block without Aaron Rodgers in week 9 and returned to winning ways in week 10, overtaking the Seahawks with excellent defense and the right pivot for a quicker attack to lift a rusty Rodgers. Now they hope Aaron Jones doesn’t get lost for a long time.

3. Arizona Cardinals 8-2 (1)

The Cardinals could manage a match without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins, but not a second, especially when they didn’t win the battle for turnover and had more important defensive issues against running. Additionally, Arizona was late for another regression to the mean.

4. Dallas Cowboy 7-2 (7)

The Cowboys’ offense made full use of their recovery game against the Falcons defense with Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and CeeDee Lamb pushing their score into overdrive. The bonus was Trevon Diggs and the defense was also right in Dan Quinn’s latest revenge game.

5. Los Angeles Rams 7-2 (6)

The Rams enjoyed the developments on Sunday, led by the Cardinals defeat and the fall of the Bucs again. They can become the new team to beat in NFC West by addressing the possibilities of the 49ers division on Monday night.

6. Buffalo Bills 6-3 (8)

The Bills quickly forget their Jaguars clunker by making sure there are no on-road repeats against the Jets. They adapted their offense well to support their defense with strong running play and also got Josh Allen back on track against another defense who was trying to take the important game away from him.

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7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-3 (2)

What was that? The Buccaneers didn’t reset very well after the bye, losing a second in a row with Tom Brady struggling early with some guns and the defense he couldn’t stop much when it mattered most in Washington, including attrition against running. Super Bowl champions face a major mid-season cross with the GOAT.

8. Baltimore Ravens 6-3 (5)

What was that? Lamar Jackson and the offense cooled against a smashing Dolphins away defense. The Ravens seem close to putting it all together as contenders, but either it’s the passing game that brings them or the defense of the pass pulls them down.

9. Kansas City Chiefs 6-4 (10)

The Chiefs entered a home game in Las Vegas to heal by coming up with a more balanced and patient attack they needed for Patrick Mahomes. Equally important, the defense strengthened again with a strong complementary effort, a good sign for the second half.

10. New England Patriots 6-4 (16)

The Patriots have their formula under control with Mac Jones under Bill Belichick. Keep spinning the ball at a high level, with whoever is available, open up a comfortable passing game for Jones and set up the defense to do whatever he wants. They are rapidly moving from AFC marginal wildcard contenders to a major threat to the playoffs.

11. Los Angeles 5-4 Magazines (9)

The Chargers’ electric attack hit another snag with Justin Herbert with his big arm not connecting that deep. Their main running defense issues have now leaked with some downfield coverage issues.

12. Las Vegas Marauders 5-4 (11)

The Raiders abandoned the playoff position after losing at home to the Chiefs, remaining in third place behind the Chargers, against whom they also lost. Derek Carr is doing his best to get past the defense, but his margin of error is shrinking again at the wrong time.

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13. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-3-1 (12)

The Steelers don’t get a totally free pass for drawing Lions without Ben Roethlisberger. They should have done even more in attack with the rest of their team against a terrible defense. They have to start making bids as a potential playoff team or they’ll limp back to one and done status.

14. New Orleans Saints 5-4 (13)

The Saints have lost two consecutive games after their big win over the Buccaneers. They are stuck playing close quarters because their attack can’t light it up and as good as their defense may be, there are enough specific holes to exploit.

15. Cincinnati Bengals 5-4 (15)

The Bengals stood still during their bye and should have loved the fact that the Ravens and the Browns lost and the Steelers tied. Joe Burrow gives them the ability to do anything in the second half, but they need to find their first season’s defensive mojo, stat.

16. Cleveland Browns 5-5 (14)

The Browns’ offense can’t carry the team when they aren’t running at a high level, so when their defense wilts and doesn’t fit like it did against the Patriots, they fail to play successful complementary football. Kevin Stefanski and his staff need to get more creative in the second half or risk a slip out of the playoffs.

17. Minnesota Vikings 4-5 (20)

The Vikings are doing best with single possession plays and their offense is at its best when Dalvin Cook’s power run and Justin Jefferson’s downfield reception set the tone. They are turning into annoying NFC wildcard hopes again.

18. Carolina Panthers 5-5 (22)

The Panthers got a huge break without Kyler Murray on the other side and took their defense to dominate Arizona, upping their attack with some early takeaways. Christian McCaffrey, not Cam Newton, has sparked things more, but now the question is whether Newton’s two blockbuster gadget games open the door for him to get a shot to start against Ron Rivera and Washington.

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19. Indianapolis Colts 5-5 (19)

The Colts are back to .500 thanks to the quick attack led by Jonathan Taylor and a timely defense, or the formula that brought them to the playoffs with Frenk Reich last season. Carson Wentz has to get back to playing at a high level to put them in real fight, though.

20. Denver Broncos 5-5 (17)

The Broncos were torn apart at home by the Eagles with a sloppy attack and lost defense, or the exact opposite of their Cowboys who clashed away last week. There will be concert changes coming if they go into free fall in the second half.

21. Atlanta Falcons 4-5 (18)

The Falcons are another mediocre team that is hard to understand, as they were smashed by the Cowboys after their best performance of the season against the Saints. Defensive issues can continue to put a ton of additional pressure on Matt Ryan and an ever-evolving offense.

22. Philadelphia Eagles 4-6 (26)

The Eagles finally decided to support Jalen Hurts’ passing and running with a traditional running attack, and it worked, to fix his arm and feet. Defense is also responding well in complementary football and Nick Sirianni continues to understand more about his team.

23. San Francisco 49ers 3-5 (23)

The 49ers are in desperate need of a win on Monday night to return to the weak bottom of the NFC playoffs. A loss would sink them further behind the Cardinals and the Rams and approach another disappointing injury-filled season under Kyle Shanahan.

24. Seattle Seahawks 3-6 (21)

The Seahawks brought Russell Wilson back with plans to go back to the winning team they usually are, but they likely rushed back with their finger, negatively affecting their attack to the tune of zero points. It was really bad as their defense tried their best to get past the results.

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25. Washington Football Team 3-6 (29)

Washington has finally found its defensive rut against the Buccaneers, even as he suffered the brunt of Chase Young’s knee injury. Taylor Heinicke isn’t a long-term answer yet, but it could remain the solution in the present even when Ryan Fitzpatrick can return. Give him credit for continuing to grind for Ron Rivera.

26. Chicago Bears 3-6 (24)

The Bears had a goodbye to help Justin Fields feel better as a rookie runner and runner. They also needed it to bring their healthy and effective defense to its usual level.

27. New York Giants 3-6 (27)

The Giants also had a bye trying to come out with a cleaner health certificate overall, led by Saquon Barkley and the recipient body. Daniel Jones has to finish strong to secure his position as a franchise passer by 2022.

28. Miami Dolphins 3-7 (30)

The Dolphins defense is starting to live up to his aggressive directing potential for Brian Flores again to make up for the offensive limits. Year 2 with Tua Tagovailoa did not go as planned.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-7 (27)

The Jaguars can’t play well away and even with their defense doing better things. They tend to get in the way offensively around Trevor Lawrence when they’re not managing James Robinson.

30. New York Jet 2-7 (26)

The Jets saw Mike White hit a wall against a powerful Bills defense with a return from Zach Wilson just around the corner. The defense is doing its best to manage more pitch for Robert Saleh, but there are many key holes to tackle for 2022.

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31. Houston Texans 1-8 (31)

The Texans didn’t play, so they couldn’t sink further as the worst team in the AFC without Deshaun Watson. They must end up with some respectability for rookie coach David Culley.

32nd Detroit Lions 0-8-1 (32)

The Lions will not become the first 0-17 team in NFL history after recovering a bad draw in overtime. Dan Campbell is doing everything he can to get a win, but the big goose egg is still a strong possibility.


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