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NFL teams generated an incredible amount of revenue last season

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Compared to other major sports in the United States, the NFL remains king in terms of viewership.

The Super Bowl seems to become a bigger event every year, giving teams that much more momentum and excitement heading into the big game.

With the amount of viewership and visibility the NFL has, there is a significant amount of money tied to this league.

A recent tweet from B/R Gridiron highlighted that “Every NFL team grossed more than $400 million last season,” bringing the league’s revenue to over $13 billion.

It’s no wonder former athletes and high-profile investors are trying to buy NFL franchises.

The league’s value continues to skyrocket, and unless there is a major cultural shift in the coming years, this trajectory won’t slow down any time soon.

The NFL is full of stories and elite players that keep fans coming back each week hoping to see more action.

The fact that each team has one game each week allows fans to focus on what is happening, rather than on other sports, which can have three to seven games in a week, depending on each team’s schedule.

It will be interesting to see if other sports try to copy the NFL model in the future given its success and revenue levels.

NFL fans are seen as some of the most die-hard fans of any sport, and will seemingly do anything to watch or support their favorite teams in any capacity.

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