NFL Twitter warns the rest of the league that bosses, Patrick Mahomes are “back”


Kansas City needed a win over the Raiders to go to the top of the AFC West. Thanks to the rout, they had NFL Twitter declaring the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes “returned”.

The leaders they have all been out of shape this season. The defense was vulnerable. The offense seemed stale. Patrick Mahomes looked human.

So the NFL should perhaps be a little nervous about what they did to marauders on Sunday evening. They looked more like their old dominant selves than all year round.

By the time the 41-14 blowout was completed, Kansas City was sitting atop AFC West and NFL Twitter was ready to make some statements about the team.

NFL Twitter thinks Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes are “back”

Are the bosses “back?” It looked just like that as the attack was triggered and the defense, especially the defensive front, came to play.

Is Mahomes “back?” Just ask for his five touchdowns and 406 yards.

In college football, teams like Texas and USC are often declared “behind” prematurely. So the whole “back” meme often doesn’t end well.

The difference is that the Chiefs have been one of the best teams in the NFL for years. They haven’t been returning for years of futility. They’ve been returning for a rough couple of months.

Andy Reid and his team check where they go from here. The real test is around the corner. The Raiders aren’t a walk in the Allegiant Stadium, but they’re not a real contender either. Cowboys are.

The Chiefs will host them at Arrowhead next weekend in a showdown between Mahomes and Dak Prescott. So the whole “back” question will indeed have an answer.


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