Nick Cannon continues to open up about his world in the The language of love with Dr. Laura Berman podcast. On the show, the 42-year-old entertainer told Dr. Laura that she is preparing to tell her six-year-old son, Golden Sagon, that the other children she has met are actually her siblings. .

On the show, Dr. Laura painted the perfect dream world for Cannon and her offbeat family.

“In your dream world, regardless of whether or not you are romantically involved with the mothers, all of your children will meet each other. All your children will come together, take trips together or go out together.”

Cannon confirmed and responded. “Yeah. They’re all cannons. They’ll probably go to the same schools and all.”

However, the reality of the situation is not so dreamy. Cannon told the popular relationship expert that “as much as that is a wish of mine, I have to respect that it’s not everyone’s wish.”

Some of the mothers of Cannon’s children aren’t very interested in that kind of relationship; therefore, Cannon will have to wait until all the children are of legal age and can make decisions for themselves.

“Because they are currently under the jurisdiction of their mothers, I am trying to follow the rules of the mothers. But once they can make up their own minds, I hope and pray that we’ve built a strong enough relationship that they want to come hang out with me.”

Cannon has been very open with his older children, Monroe and Moroccan about his siblings. Next, Cannon would like to do the same for his third-oldest child, six-year-old Golden Sagon.

“Now is the time before another kid at school says (something),” Cannon told Dr. Laura. “But I think it’s not going to be a difficult conversation.”

He went on to say, “(Golden) is a genius. I think he has already figured it out. He knows that he has other brothers. Even within his own home, he is not an only child. He knows his older brothers. He has been close to the youngest. He has been close to them, but no one talks about it. It’s not like, ‘This is your brother or your sister.’”

Cannon told Dr. Laura that although the second grader never questioned, he does know that his father “is known to have many children.”

Cannon definitely has a dozen bakers in his family tree run by six different women. In addition to Golden Sagon (mother: Brittany Bell), Monroe and Moroccan, (mother: Mariah Carey), the multi-faceted artists, other children include:

  • Powerful queen and rise with Brittany Bell
  • Twins Zion and Zillion, and Beautiful Zeppelin with Abby De La Rosa
  • Onyx Ice with LaNisha Cole
  • Legendary love with Bre Tiesi
  • halo marie with alyssa scott

Cannon and Scott also had a son, Zen, who died of a brain tumor five months after he was born.

Photo Credit/Featured Image: Nick Cannon Instagram; brittany bell Instagram

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