Nigeria adopts a new national health policy


The National Health Council has approved a new health policy for the country. He said this after an emergency that took place in Abuja on 8 September 2015.
The board said it “acknowledged the efforts of the Federal Ministry of Health to rapidly follow the operation of the National Health Act 2014; it also extensively discussed and approved guidelines for the delivery, administration and management of the supply. of primary health care as presented “.

The council also asks the federal health ministry to develop the second National Strategic Health Development [NSHD] and denigrated the recent polio virus outbreaks in the state of Borno, the Lassa fever in the state of Anambra, Bauchi, Gombe, plateau, Rivers and Ondo.
It also recognizes the efforts of federal and state health ministries to reduce epidemics and outbreaks.

The council will meet again at its 59th meeting in the state of Abia.


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