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But what about the price?

Barnes & Noble

With its chunky bezels and physical page-flip controls, the Nook Glowlight 4 Plus looks distinctly dated. But for some people, an old-school design can be a selling point: Kindle and Kobo e-readers have lost some of their simplicity, and the Nook is here to fill the void.

The Nook Glowlight 4 Plus is the first new eReader from Barnes & Noble in recent memory. It’s simply an upgraded version of the original Glowlight 4, which was released in 2021.

Like its predecessor, the Glowlight 4 Plus offers an integrated light with color temperature adjustments. Its 7.8-inch, 300 PPI screen is a comfortable (yet very portable) size and offers modern USB-C charging. Four buttons on the sides of the eReader let you turn pages or browse menus, or you can use the touchscreen to navigate or bookmark books.

There are two notable new features here. The first is a 32GB storage size, which is a major improvement from the 8GB of storage on the original Glowlight 4. But Barnes & Noble also added support for audiobooks and Bluetooth headphones, two features that previous Nook devices lacked. (And interestingly, this storage can’t be expanded with an SD card, which can make it difficult to store a bunch of audiobooks.)

It seems that the only problem is the price. Barnes & Noble is charging $200 for the Nook Glowlight 4 Plus. You can pick up the smaller Kindle Paperwhite or the Kobo Clara SE 2 for around $70 cheaper. And if you want a big An electronic reader with physical buttons to turn pages, Kobo’s Libra 2 costs just $10 less than the new Nook.

The Nook Glowlight 4 is clearly in trouble. It has a convincing form factor with physical controls, and will naturally appeal to long-time Nook users. But its price is not incredibly competitive. If you are interested in this device, you can pre-order it today at Good e-Reader.

Nook Glowlight 4 Plus e-reader

The Nook Glowlight 4 Plus features a 7.8-inch display with customizable front lighting, plus physical page turn buttons and audiobook support.

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