Northwest Indiana will be home to the largest solar park in the United States, covering 13,000 acres

One of the Indiana farms that will be part of the Mammoth Solar Project Credit: Doral Renewables LLC

For the past week, Norm Welker has spent hours every day in the cab of his combine harvester. It rises with the sun and travels up and down its more than 1,000 acres in northwest Indiana, which it has done for decades.

But this time, he paid close attention to how light reflected off the corn stalks and peaked through the trees at the edge of his land.

This will be the last year he and his family will harvest corn. But Welker will still be a farmer: he will cultivate the sun.

“We’ve always used the sun and have enough sun to grow corn,” said Welker, 62, who lives and grows in Starke and Pulaski counties. “But now we’re harvesting it much more efficiently than we’ve ever done before.”

Welker is not alone: ​​he is one of dozens of neighbors who are […]


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