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Not even a bank robbery can stop Miles Teller from posting on BeReal

What do you do if it’s “Time to BeReal” during a bank robbery? East saturday night live sketch has the answer.

This week’s host Miles Teller and SNL cast member Mikey Day play the bank robbers in the middle of a heist when the hostages’ daily BeReal notifications go off. If you are familiar with the BeReal social media platform, then you know that users only have two minutes to post. a picture. “It’s the only honest social network,” explains Bowen Yang’s hostage character. “So there’s no posturing? And it’s not status-oriented,” Teller’s bank robber says, quickly catching on.

Watch as this parody hilariously captures the BeReal experience by asking how far users will go in the name of authenticity.


BeReal promises online authenticity. That does not exist.


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