Now the evangelicals want to paint “social justice” as non-Christian: I hope God will forgive them

An all-white evangelical service

Like so many working poor people, I have lost far more than I have won in this life. I’ve been fired four times. I lost a house and a car. I owe more to my student loans at 45 than at 25. Like millions of others in the working class, I have never stopped working – I have done every job you can imagine and will continue to fight for a better life for my daughters and my working class brothers and sisters to my last breath. As an ordained minister trained in an evangelical seminary, I find that motivation to fight for the little ones within what is called the “gospel of social justice”. In recent years, however, that gospel has been distorted by the evangelical republican machine, which now seeks to instill the belief that social justice is the gospel of socialism and godless communism.

In recent years, the evangelical movement has gone to great lengths to defame any message that comes out […]


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