Now you can watch Jay Leno’s record-breaking Tesla Model S plaid run


The Tesla Model S checked he’s been in the “put on” phase of his “shut or hush” tour pretty much from day one. When it debuted in June, Jay Leno revealed which had beaten the 16-cylinder Bugatti Chiron, who held the previous production car record of 9.4 seconds, in the quarter mile. The episode of “Jay Leno’s garage“(Season 6, Episode 8) documenting the effort aired on CNBC Wednesday.

The Models plaid uses a three-engine configuration that produces 1,020 horsepower capable of reaching 60 mph in just under two seconds, so its acceleration potential has never really been in doubt. Its super-slippery drag coefficient of 0.208 helps it push through the air as speed increases, allowing for trap speeds in the 150 mph range.

The entertainer hit a 9,247, beating the Bugatti by more than a tenth of a second, but it wasn’t long before Leno got a taste of his own medicine. A per driver got behind the wheel of the plaid and beat that time by another hundredth of a second, setting a new record of 9,237 seconds. Leno commented on the rider’s relative lack of girth, but even though the former late night star was beaten, the narrow margin on their times speaks to the by Tesla consistent performance – professional driver or not.

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