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Obsbot Tiny 4K Review | TechRadar

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Webcams rose back into prominence over the course of the pandemic, but the problem with the market remained; after a point, most webcams are pretty similar.

Enter Obsbot, a new name in the industry offering a decidedly unique line of webcams, combining the power of new technologies like AI with videography. Obsbot Tiny 4K bridges the gap in the market between mainstream consumer webcams and professional conferencing equipment, it’s the smaller 4K edition of the company’s flagship Obsbot Tail, and integrates much of the same technology from the latter. in a smaller package.

Tiny is in the name, and it’s certainly the game, although this model isn’t as diminutive as some of the best webcams on the market. Standing 3.5 inches / 89.4 mm tall (5.5 inches / 142 mm with mount), the Obsbot has a 2-axis PTZ gimbal that enables motorized tracking and a 150-degree rotation range, horizontal adjustment from 45 degrees to 120 degrees per second.

(Image credit: Future)

In terms of quality, Obsbot Tiny 4K has a lot going for it. Its dynamic range is excellent and its face-priority autoexposure adds a lot of finesse to the resulting video. You’ll be better served in a well-lit environment though, as you’d expect from most webcams, because the Tiny 4K didn’t perform as well on dimmer settings.


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