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Battery life and charge cycle are an important part of any portable device (gadget). When you consider buying you should be aware of this before you buy.

Here’s the Oculus Quest battery life and things to know. Oculus quest 2 and its earlier versions have almost the same battery configuration.

It uses a 3640 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable single cell battery in the VR headset that uses 14 watt hours. The output voltage of the battery is 3.85 V minimum with a weight of 63 grams.

oculus quest battery life

It takes 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours to fully download depending on the app or game you are running. If the screen refresh rate is set to 120 Hz, the battery power drains faster.

It takes almost an hour to complete the charge (0 to 100%) using the USB-C interface for charging. The sad part is that we cannot disturb the battery while it is dead.

The total battery life is too long. This is the reason why some battery problems need to be taken care of by an authorized person.

How to maximize battery life on oculus quest


Although the battery runs out too fast, by using some practices we can extend the battery life.

Full power off when not in use

Instead of putting it to sleep, always turn it off to help save battery life.

This will ensure that the device is not accidentally turned on by pushing the power button or the device falsely detects that it has been placed on someone’s head for use.

For a complete shutdown, press and hold the power button until the power indicator light turns off with a sound.

Remove the charging pin after fully charged

When the power indicator light turns green, it indicates that the device is fully charged.

When this happens, unplug the headphones. If you don’t plan to use your headset after charging it, turn it off after unplugging it.

Use standard charger

The charger is specially designed and tested to provide the best performance with the battery optimally affecting charging and battery life.

other substitutes

Some other options like external battery banks are also available which can extend the battery life from 1.5 hours to 8 hours.

The pod mass bench can add more than 1.5 hours while the vr power 2 can add an additional 8 hours, which is a considerably long time.

For more information you can visit the oculus. For DIY projects, follow the Computernxtechnology YouTube channel.

home automation and kodi also similar interesting technologies.

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