Of the many lies that Republicans tell, the biggest lies of all are; 1) Joe Biden is the most corrupt president in US history, 2) The economy is not recovering, 3) All the investigations against Trump are meritless armed movements, 4) The document problem involving Biden and Pence is exactly the same as Trump Accused of, 5) The January 6 insurgents are heroes and 6) There are tapes that prove Joe Biden took a bribe from the Ukrainian company Barisma. To divert attention from Trump’s crimes, Republicans are desperately clinging to Russian propaganda and conspiracy spreading tactics. – Baby Boomer Resistance: A Pro-Democracy Blog – News Block

# 1. Joe Biden is the most corrupt president in the history of the United States,


FACTS: How Hiden is less corrupt than Trump: No impeachment, no Justice Department charges. No civil liability convictions. No attempt to nullify an American election. There are no porn star payments. No tax evasion. No convictions for commercial and charity fraud. Not pardoning convicted federal criminals. Not knowingly stealing classified documents and lying and refusing to return them to the FBI. There are no proven cases of adultery. Not claiming the fifth hundreds of times when questioned by prosecutors. Without ignoring congressional subpoenas. Do not pressure a foreign ally to dirty an opponent and threaten to withhold military aid to that country.

#2 The economy does not recover

  • The US has had 11 straight months of declining inflation
  • The Biden Administration has created 11 million jobs
  • The unemployment rate is 3.7%, below the pre-pandemic figures
  • The deficit has been reduced by $1 trillion
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained 6% since Biden took office
  • The economy is growing as consumers spend

#3. All the investigations against Trump are armed movements without merit

The cries of witch-hunts, weaponry, and corruption are becoming tired repetitions promoted by Trump and his allies. Republican voters feel hurt and hostile when they are called fools, yet when faced with facts they don’t like, they call them lies. The tape with Trump asking the Georgia Secretary of State in 2020 to find him enough votes to change the results of the state elections is indisputable. New evidence has emerged that he made a similar election interference call to Arizona Gov. Doug Duce. Trump University, the Trump Charity and the Trump Organization were found to have committed fraud. There are photos of more than 100 inappropriately classified documents hidden and displayed in Mara-a-Lago. Trump admitted to taking them because he said “they were his.” REPUBLICANS WOULD IMPEACH PRESIDENT BIDEN IF HE ENGAGES IN SUCH BEHAVIORS AND THE PATRIOTIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY JOINS THEM. DEMOCRATS CHOOSE THEIR COUNTRY OVER THE CULT OF PERSONALITY.
The Republicans, led by Trump, who stupidly says that everything he does is “perfect”, refuse to admit their wrongdoing even when there is indisputable evidence. Thomas’ statement when details of the scandal surrounding the extravagant trips paid for by billionaire Harlan Crow were released was: “I was told they were the kind of personal hospitality from close personal friends that required no disclosure. We don’t know who these “others” were, but it’s a weak excuse. Judges are mandated to disclose these types of high-cost forms of travel paid for by donors.

#4 The document The problem involving Biden and Pence is exactly the same one that Trump is accused of.

A handful of documents were inadvertently discovered on the property of Joe Biden and Mike Pence and the Justice Department was immediately notified. Pence and Biden delivered the documents without resistance, lying or hiding. A thorough search of each of his properties was carried out and it was not necessary to issue search warrants. There were no crimes of obstruction or exposure of documents to persons without security authorization.

#5 The insurrectionists of January 6 are heroes.

Except for Donald Trump and MAGA white nationalists like House Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Bobert, Paul Gosar, and Sens. Josh Hawley and Tommy Tubberville, they think the rioters on Capitol Hill were heroes. They mistreated law enforcement for protecting Congress while it carried out procedures for the peaceful transfer of power. Several police officers died as a result of the attack. They threatened to hang Mike Pence and sought to kidnap and physically harm House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They vandalized the Capitol building and the interior chambers. Some wore clothing with anti-Semitic Nazi messages. MORE THAN 1,000 insurgents have been arrested and the leaders of the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers have been convicted of sedition. IF THE SECRET SERVICE HAD NOT ARRESTED HIM, TRUMP PLANNED TO MARCH ON CAPITOL WITH THE RIOTERS AND ILLEGALLY CLAIM THE PRESIDENCY. TRUMP CALLS TRAITORS AND TRAITOR HEROES HEROES. HIS ONLY TALENT IS GASLIGHTING.

#6 There Are Tapes That Prove Joe Biden Took A Bribe from the Ukrainian company Barisma

FALSE DEMAND: Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine to help his son, Hunter Biden.

A recently concluded investigation by Senate Republicans found no wrongdoing by the Bidens. Claims to the contrary have continued to circulate on far-right social media. (USA TODAY, Oct. 21, 2020).

Republicans now operate like Russian politicians: fabricating lies to belittle opponents, cheating to gain power, misleading voters with fear-mongering conspiracy theories, and factual news countered with propaganda supporting the autocrat in power.


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